Stray dog gets rescued and is looking for a new home

All over the world, in every city, if you visit you will eventually come across a stray dog. These furry friends weren’t so fortunate to find a home, and are now roaming the streets living day-to-day scavenging for food and water. But here is where animal rescue organizations come in place to take them in and make sure that they find a place they can call home. One animal rescue organization called Howl of a Dog, who is based in Romania was recently going across the country, in cities and rural places to establish their spay-neuter campaign. One day they were in a rural place, and one dog started to approach them. No one in the village wanted to take him home and you could see that he didn’t have a pleasant life.

Villagers knew the dog and even had given him a name, Remy. He was branded on the nose, which they do to dogs due to a belief that the branding with a hot iron will help the dog have a better immune system, and the chances of contracting distemper will be smaller. This has never been studied and no veterinarian would recommend doing this to your dog. It is all just a cruel, worthless superstition that will harm the dog physically and mentally. 

Other than being branded, Remy also had the top of his left ear missing, and no one knew who or where he got his ear torn off. The fact that he was branded and didn’t have a home, the rescue organization felt that something needed to be done because no one in the village wanted him. At that part of the country, it is believed that if the dog can’t be a guard dog, it has no use being in the home.

For the time that the rescue organization was at the village, Remy would go where they were and would try to play with them. He would always be friendly and would wag his tail. One grocery store worker told the organization that Remy would always come to the grocery store and that she would give him something to eat. She didn’t know where he came from, but she took care of him as much as she could. After asking the villagers again if they take him in, and no one accepted him, the organization decided that Remy would come with them.


When they brought back Remy with them, they gave him a bath, vaccinated him and put a microchip on him. Now they are looking for a new home for Remy, and they have said that it doesn’t need to be someone that lives in Romania. Anyone who lives in Europe can take him, they even said that people from the US and Canada can contact them and all the arrangements will be sorted in order Remy to arrive at them.