Ten months old baby has a cardiac arrest due to being left in a hot car.

Remember how I told you the story about me when I was little and how I got stuck in that small warehouse for a whole day. What I forgot to tell you is that it happened during summer and since that warehouse was made by a special type of brick it would get like hell in there. I am somehow surprised that I am alive today, but unfortunately, not every one of us has the same fate. A ten-month-old baby has passed away recently and sources claim that it was the mother how left the baby inside the heated car while she was getting groceries.

A message from Robstown Child Passenger Safety Program:A 10-month old girl has died inside a hot car in Richmond, VA….

Posted by City of Robstown Emergency Medical Services on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

According to statistics, an adult can bare that while for an infant, the story would go way different as their body temperature would rise three to five times. However, the mother has her version of the story that she told the police. According to the mother, she took the baby with her inside the grocery store and when she came back home she left the baby in the car for a short time, while she took the groceries inside first. Then she came back and got the baby and after the baby was inside with the mother, wasn’t reacting that much.

The mother then claims that she called 911 and the police came also. They did a check-up on the ten-month-old baby and got to the result that it was “heat-related distress”. Unfortunately, the baby passed away while on the way to the hospital. But sources remain on their first claim, blaming the mother for leaving the baby inside the car under the scorching sun. The police are doing further investigations to find out the truth about the story of the ten-month-old baby that had a heart attack.