Kangaroo Keeps Hugging The People Who Volunteered To Save Her

There is nothing quite like exchanging gratitude. It is a very powerful energy that comes from the open heart of unconditional love. Receiving gratitude for something that you have done well can make you feel amazing. But how about when this gratitude is expressed by something that is not even human? How about when this gratitude is expressed by an animal? I know what most of you are thinking right now. How can animals express gratitude? Well, they can, because they are made from the same energy as us.

If we can smile and feel happiness and love then so can they. Meet Abi, the kangaroo that was saved by some volunteers and now spends her mornings hugging the people that saved her life.

Abi is thirteen years old and she never forgets to express her gratitude by hugging people, reminding them that they did a fantastic job. Kangaroo hunting has become an issue recently and there are volunteer centres such as the Kangaroo Sanctuary which do their best to save these poor creatures from getting haunted. This kangaroo lost her mother when she was old and was later saved by the volunteers.

They help these animals to return to wildlife once more. They have an animal hospital there where they treat the injured animals and after their recovery, they release them in the wild. But some animals like Abi never forget the people that saved her life. Kangaroos are known for their strong memories. That is why Abi still remembers her saviors and she gives them hugs to still express how thankful she is for living such a long life thanks to them. 

Most locals believe that kangaroos are overpopulated and they trade and consume their meat, but isn’t that another typical human behavior. Isn’t that the excuse we give to ourselves to keep hunting these animals until they go extinct like most of the animals that we hunt down. We need to wake up and realize this before it’s too late.

Source – Boredpanda.com