30+ pictures of people wearing weird bikinis at the beach

We have all seen an embarrassing bikini or swimwear while we visited a beach. Bad bikinis are very common, and you just have to open your eyes. Do people not know how bad is it or they just want some kind of attention? Next, you will see some pictures that show people who should be banned from beaches all over the world.

1. I see what this girl wanted to achieve with this fishbowl type bikini

2. How did this guy get tan lines?

3. Trash bag for a bathing suit? This guy thinks it’s okay.

4. Recycling your old CDs and creating a bikini.

5. A bit creative and a bit gross.

6. This monkey surely enjoyed that day on the beach.

7. Lettuce bikini, could it be the next big thing?

8. Nice picture, until you see it a couple of more times.

9. Love is in the air.

10. Really man, just as we are taking a photo.

11. Grandpa, where did you get that from?

12. Let me see

13. Again what is it with these lettuce bikinis?

14. The difference in generations

15. A tight fit, isn’t it?

16. What would grandma say, grandpa?

17. Not quite the right season

18. Gary, take off your sister’s swimsuit right now!

19. That one weird friend in your group

20. This lady sure loves her cat

21. She didn’t think about the tan lines, did she?

22. A bit too small for you

23. Now that is a cool design

24. This guy took it a little bit too far

25. Amazing photobomb

26. Not quite the minions we saw in the movie

27. This girl certainly fell asleep

28. Now that can go straight to the trash can

29. Taking it off sure will be painful

30. NO! Just NO!

31. Aren’t you a little too old for that bikini grandma?

32. Swipe it

33. When your Russian grandma make your bikini

34. A little too small

35. What is up with the duct tape?

36. We will let this one slide because there is pizza involved.