The audience goes wild when Trump walks in, but the headlines are occupied by the audience who is attending

Some politicians are treated like celebrities. Everywhere they go, a group of people is gathered and is waiting for their arrival. Donald Trump is one of those people. Not quite a politician, but the President is close enough. Since he got the job as President of the United States, every rally he goes to, the crowd instantly jumps, and big applause starts when he shows up on stage.

Trump still does these rallies because he wants to raise the people's morale and gather their support for the upcoming reelections. Many minorities are still considered to be against Trump and his reelection.

When Trump took the stage, big groups of African Americans could be seen applauding for the President. Still, people believe that African Americans will always be against Trump and vote for the candidate from the Democratic Party. On this rally, it was shown that the Republican Party also has a large group of supporters that are not white.

The voice of Candice Owens was one that shares the ideas and the conservative point of view. This can mean that more and more people are realizing and starting to see Trump from another perspective.

Other high-end celebrities like Kanye West are also on the side of Trump.

Having big names like those cultural icons, are more than happy to try to influence the people that are following them, talk to them, and explain why they are taking that side. Slowly more and more Black Americans are changing their mind about Trump and taking his side.

Trump also was more than welcome to speak to the leaders who were behind the Young Black Leadership Summit. They paid him a visit at the White House and had a conversation.

At the rally, his appearance was highly anticipated, and a massive group of people was all waiting for him. While many African Americans don't want anything to do with President Trump. The people who were there were all waving flags and wearing the iconic Make America Great Again hats and shirts.

When he finally got on stage, cheers and chants started. People were chanting ‘USA, USA' while the President was waving to all of them. While all of this was happening, his oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., was down with the crowd trying to be a part of the young voters that came to see the President speak at the White House.

Twitter blew up as well. Many tweeted out pictures and videos showing how much young black people were at the young conservative black summit. They all wanted to show others that passion and energy were second to none.

It came a time where the Republican Party is starting to attract more and more black people. And Conservatives can rest easy knowing that the 2020 presidential elections are not going to such a close call.

White and black people are starting to come together to support Trump. The GOP is changing and growing more and more, and that change and growth will be shown when the time comes for people to cast their votes.