Things That Not Everyone Knows About the British Royal Family

Every member of the British royal family has their own story, habits, interests that you may not hear before. From Queen Elizabeth herself to Meghan Markle, every single one of them gets plenty of media attention.

Here is one thing that you have probably didn't know, Prince Harry and Prince William have a stepsister. Some things have been kept secret, and we will fill you in.

The whole thing started back in 1981 when Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer got married. Many people thought that it was the perfect match, but there was more to it.

Even though people fell in love with both of them, the couple themselves weren't quite the perfect match for each other. At the time, even though Charles said his vows and said yes, he was in love with somebody else.

Charles met a woman called Camila Parker Bowles back in 1971. They were together for a couple of years but decided that they needed to end the relationship. Even though they went their separate ways and married other people, they were always thinking about each other.

Back in 1995, Princess Diana mentioned that she was aware of the other woman in Charles's thoughts. But even with those circumstances, Diana didn't complain and show any emotion. She wanted to honor her position as Princess of Wales. She got people talking again about the royal family with all of her charity work and, with time, became a pop culture icon. 

She also wanted to involve her children in everything she participated in. She made an effort to make time for them and didn't want nannies and other relatives to raise her children. She would take them to school and later pick them up. In almost every event she went to, she brought Harry and William with her.

The 90s was a tough period for the royal family. Diana's and Charles's divorce was the icing on the cake. They knew what was going to come after they announce their divorce, but they were ready for it. But that wasn't the roughest part of it all.

On August 31st, 1997, Princess Diana got in a car crash. It all happened at the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris, where Diana died from her injuries. Before that, the media was all over her.

The public was shocked. When the news hit England, people from all over the country poured in London to pay their respects. They wanted to honor her memory. There were so many flowers outside the home that it looked like a sea of flowers.

Until the day of the public funeral and a couple of days later, the whole country was still mourning her death. But things had to go on, and the royal family had to go on with their lives as well.

The public was caught off guard back in 2005 when they discovered that Charles and Camila were seeing each other. And not only that, they planned to get married as well. This meant that Harry and William would have a stepmother.

The people of England and fans of the family all around the world weren't quite sure they wanted to replace Diana. It was hard for the royal family, but they pulled through. Harry and William wanted their father to be happy, and Camilla was making him happy.

In an interview in 2005, Harry said they loved Camilla and were worried that the public won't accept her. But as time passed by, the public got used to seeing Camilla and Charles.

Camilla was in the spotlight, but the public and the media forgot that she had two children that were also joining the royal family. They were from her previous marriage. 

Her son, Tom Parker Bowles, has written many books about food. He is a food writer and critic and has appeared in shows like ‘Masterchef' and ‘The F-word', both Gordon Ramsay shows.

On the other hand, her daughter, Laura Lopes, doesn't want to have so much spotlight thrown at her. Even though you can see her at royal gatherings and events, she wanted to be as far away from the spotlight as possible.

When Charles and Diana got married, Camilla's children were young, but they still had to face the media. It wasn't an easy childhood for Tom and Laura.

Everywhere they went, paparazzi would be behind them trying to take photos. They even waited in front of their home, so they would catch a few photos when they got out.

Tom didn't like the paparazzi at all, and in one interview, he even said that they made hi angry all the time, and he even wanted to smack some of them.

Laura, on the other hand, experiencing all the media attention when she was young, was the main reason she didn't want to be in the spotlight when she grew up.

After Charles and Camilla got married, she said that she loved him and that she wouldn't be here without the love and support of her family. When the marriage happened, it seemed that the media was out to get her. But after some time, she managed to win them over.

There will always be rumors flying around about the royal family. Now there is a rumor that Meghan and Kate don't like each other. Could there really be tension between the two, or is it all just a big conspiracy?

When this rumor started to go around, reporters were running around trying to find out the truth. Some have claimed that the real problem was a feud between Harry and William.

We have never seen or heard about Harry and William being angry with each other. Wherever they have appeared, they seem to always smile at each other and show that they love each other.

The public thought that maybe because Harry and Meghan wanted to live on their own and leave the royal family behind, that sparked the whole brotherly beef.

The couple first lived in Kensington Palace. Meghan was adjusting to the new royal life, and she had help from veterans who were three years before her.

After some time in the Kensington Palace, Meghan and Harry moved to Nottingham Cottage. Kate and William had an apartment not so far away from them.

As Meghan was coming close to giving birth, they moved again and wanting to live at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. The place was more spacious than the home before.

They even started renovations once they moved in. Harry had previously lived in the house, which had only two bedrooms.

Some royal members had concerns about the two datings. They weren't sure that the couple was right for each other, even William once shared his views on the two.

Soon the move to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor would come to light. It was said that there was tension in the family, so Harry and Meghan wanted to live somewhere, where they could be alone. The tension was about Harry and Meghan always going out, and even William talked to Harry about the whole situation.

William knew that his brother was in love, but continued to remind him not to make rash decisions. He knew that Harry was thinking of marrying Meghan, but he thought that it was too soon.

Some reporter said that William told Harry to not rush it. They didn't know her background fully, what were her intentions and plans for the future. William just wanted the best for his brother, but Harry started getting annoyed by people telling him what to do.

The reported said that the course that he was getting all of this information was a royal member. The family told Harry that, bringing Meghan into the family was going to bring immense stress and pressure to her, and was she able to handle all of that.

Harry didn't agree with William. He knew that Meghan was already in the media's eye, and he was there for her.

Nothing of this has yet to be verified, and all we can do is speculate.

The speculations have continued, and some say that the hatred towards Meghan came from her heritage. Others say that it was her acting past. Some even thought that Meghan was acting all of it.

Despite all the speculations, Meghan and Harry remained calm when they were out and about. Showing the public and media how much they love each other and always being there for each other.

Some courtiers said that Harry was protecting Meghan so much because he couldn't protect his mother in the past. Princess Diana was always criticized by the media, so Harry could just be making it up for her.

If there is some kind of tension, picking Harry to be the Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth didn't change anything. Some say that William took it hard when it was announced.

Fans of the royal family have come out and said that the media is just trying to make them look bad and make things up. In one interview, the couples were asked if they have disagreements, and William broke the silence by confirming.

The other smiled at Williams's reply, and Harry answered the next question regarding if the feuds that occur get resolved. Harry humorously said that he doesn't know.

People had said that tensions had to gotten worse when Meghan finally entered the family. The relationship between her and Kate is complex. When Meghan was getting adjusted to the new life, she hoped that she would have a friend in Kate.

When Meghan was coming into the family, Kate and William were waiting for their third child to be born. With all the duties she had and two other kids to take care of, Kate didn't have the time for Meghan. 

Since Meghan became a part of the family. The media wanted to know their relationship and if there was any tension between them

On Christmas day 2017, Meghan and Kate made their first appearance together. They became a part of the family in different ways and also came from two different backgrounds.

Even though Kate didn't have royal blood in her, she came from a pretty wealthy family. She met William while attending the University of St. Andrews.

After being together for a couple of years, the couple decided that they would get married. And in 2010, they finally said they yeses.

Before she met Harry, Meghan got married to actor-producer Trever Engelson in 2011. She was trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood. But two years into the marriage, they decided it was time to end it.

Meghan wanted to become a movie star, but at the begging of her career, she only got small parts in movies. At one time, she was even the suitcase girl in Deal or No Deal. She finally made a name for herself when she got to play the part of Rachel Zane in the TV show ‘Suits.'

She was improving as an actor and also her personal life was heading upwards. One of Meghan's friends decided to set her and Harry on a blind date, and it was amazing how they hit it off instantly.

She was invited to attend Kate's 35th birthday and got Kate a dream journal as a present.

Kate and Meghan got to know each other more when Harry started bringing her to events. In 2018, the couple finally decided to get married. People from all over the world tuned in to watch the wedding. It was the first time a mixed-race person became a part of the royal family.

After Meghan became a part of the family, the media immediately started to ask if she and Kate would get along. Some reports said that it wasn't a great relationship at the start.

As we mentioned before, Kate was pregnant at the time Meghan became a member of the family, and she was under a lot of physical and emotional stress. She didn't have a lot of time to give to her new sister-in-law.

On the other hand, Meghan was trying to help Kate out while she was pregnant. She was constantly giving her dietary advice and was there for her. After Kate also helped her out on some occasions. 

After that, the two became close. They spent time whenever they could and were even spotted attending Wimbledon together.

They became closer and knew each other quite well. Kate even started to show Meghan how to do her duties. Kate made Meghan a member of a charity organization called the Royal Foundation Forum that Harry and William had started.

Joining an organization like this was a big step for Meghan. And it is said that Meghan admires how Kate is doing her job and how she is managing to stay professional and an amazing mother at the same time.

Before Meghan gave birth to their child, the couple wanted to live somewhere else. They decided to move into Frogmore Cottage, away from all the other family members.

The move meant that Kate and Meghan weren't going to see each other so much. But we think that their relationship is so good that they will try to clear up their schedule so that they can get together quickly.

Helping each other was the best thing to do. They might not always be on the same page, but they are there for each other if one of them needs the other. They both married into the royal family, so helping each other seemed smart.

It surely wasn't easy for Meghan to marry into the royal family. You are instantly thrown into the spotlight, and people will scrutinize your life.

For everyone else, the beginning of a romantic relationship is a great thing. Well, for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, that is not the case. When Meghan and Harry started dating, Meghan didn't know much about royal life.

Before their blind date, Meghan didn't know much about Harry, and she asked her friend is he nice. Harry, on the other hand, didn't even know who she was, and it was the first time he heard of her.

The good news is that they hit it off instantly, and after the first date, they started to see each other more often. A few weeks passed, and Harry even invited Meghan to join him for a charity event in Africa. Harry has said that he wanted to know her better, so bringing her along was a good idea.

Months passed until the public, and the media knew that Harry and Meghan were dating. But finally, in October 2016, it was published that the two were together. Somebody said that Harry didn't want the public to know, and he wanted to keep it a secret.

On the day that the news broke about the couple, Meghan posted a weird photo of two bananas spooning. People considered that this was confirmation on Meghan's behalf. 

The media was all about the story about the couple. Meghan was kind of use to having stories and articles written about her. She quickly realized that things can get pretty crazy when you are in the same conversation with the royal family.

Meghan, in an interview, said that she knew things would get crazy after the news broke. She said that people thought she would be fine with all that attention towards her, but she added that she lived a quiet life until then.

It got so out of hand that it was reported that some media outlets were harassing her mother. In attempts to get something new about the relationship that her daughter had with Harry.

Harry came to the rescue giving a statement that said that it wasn't fair for Meghan's mother to go through all of this attention and harassment.

Harry's statement calmed down the situation. After the statement, rumors started to arise, saying that Prince William started to get a little concerned. He later even issued a statement of his own.

Prince William's statement said that he fully supports his brother and supports his concerns about the situation and wants privacy to not be breached. 

It was uncommon for a royal member to act as Harry did, but his whole family was right behind him, supporting him all the way. At the end of the day, Harry was trying to protect the woman he loved.

As 2016 was ending, it seemed like everyone forgot about the little incident. The main reason maybe was that word got out that Queen Elizabeth had already given Meghan the approval.

It was reported that from the beginning of Harry and Meghan's relationship, The Queen loved seeing Harry happily in love.

It might even be that Meghan had some pretty good things to say about her. In an interview, she mentioned the first time she met her and saying that they had a pretty lovely chat.

Meghan mentioned that she knows about how much Harry respects her not only as a monarch but also as an incredible grandmother.

They weren't able to spend Christmas together because of their busy schedules, but they got to spend it together on New Year's Eve. Because people knew about them being together, they have a fantastic time together in Norway.

Because the public got to see them much more together, they started to assume that marriage was the next big step.

There was no mention of a wedding, but people kept on pushing the idea. Even a close friend of Harry said that he is head over heels for her, so you never know.

After their little trip to Norway for the holidays, Harry started to take Meghan to almost all of the royal family's events. At the beginning of 2017, he was delighted to introduce her to Kate and Charlotte at Kensington Palace.

People started saying that William was going to accept Meghan quite easily. It is known that William loves his bother and supports every decision he makes.

Meghan was introduced to every member of the family, so it was her turn to introduce Harry to her family. She few her mother, Doria Ragland, to England so she could get to know the Prince more.

Meeting her mother must have been a nervous experience. Luckily, Harry had no problems spending time with Meghan's mother, and they seemed to get along in no time. 

Pictures came out showing Harry and Meghan spending time with Doria. Still, people started asking if Harry ha met her father. To this, Meghan has said that he has talked to him a few times, but he hasn't got the opportunity to meet him face to face.

Before getting married, they didn't live together, but as soon as Meghan wasn't working in Canada, she was always at Kensington Palace with Harry.

The next event that the couple was spotted was in Jamaica, where Harry took Meghan to be his plus one to his friend's wedding.

Rumors started getting bigger and bigger when Meghan shut down her website called The Tig. The explanation that Meghan gave was that she wanted to focus more on her charity work.

The big occasion that made the media go crazy was when she attended Pippa Middleton's wedding. She was seen landing in Heathrow Int' l Airport, and directly transported to the palace.

This was the first big royal family event she attended. Before that, she was seen watching Harry play polo at the Audi Polo Challenge.



For her birthday, they both went to Africa. Some people are assuming that they really bonded because they have a desire to help out others.

The couple visited the site of Sentebale, a charity that means ‘forget me no' in a language spoken by the Lesotho people. This was a way harry paid tribute to his mother, Princess Diana.

Meghan also attended that Invictus Games in 2017. This is an event that helps to honor injured, sick, and wounded military personal.

The Invictus Games were held in Toronto, and paparazzi were able to snap a few photos of Meghan and Harry holding hands during the games. Meghan's mother was also present. After the photos were released, people started to claim that the big day was fast approaching.

After dating for over a year, Meghan decided that she wanted the public to know everything about her and Harry. She accepted an interview with Vanity Fair, where she would answer all the questions surrounding the couple.

In the interview, she wanted people to know that they were a couple and that they are madly in love with each other.

After the big interview, the only thing that was left for Harry to do was propose to Meghan. It finally happened in November 2017, and everyone was jumping with joy that Meghan said yes.

The news broke out. People were excited, and they were all waiting for the family to issue a statement. Prince Charles issued a statement saying that the family is delighted to announce that Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle are officially engaged. 

The same day that it was announced, Harry and Meghan decided to go on BBC and talk about the night that Harry got down to one knee and asked the question in Kensington Cottage.

Harry said that is nothing special. It was a typical night for the both of them, and Meghan added that it was a pleasant surprise.

Meghan even said that she didn't let Harry finish what he was going to say, she immediately said yes.

While the couple was getting their engagement photos, Harry was asked about when he realized that Meghan was the right person for him. Without any hesitation, Harry answered form the first time they met.

On May 19th, 2018, the big day came. Meghan and Harry said their yeses, and millions of people tuned in to watch their wedding.

The couple looked gorgeous, but Meghan was genuinely stunning. Her big, white dress, her diamond-platinum tiara, and everything else look perfect on her.

Five months later, the couple announced that they were given the titles Duke and Duchess of Sussex and that they are expecting a child.

On May 6th, 2019, the Duke and Duchess welcomed their first child into the world. Archie was born, and he is the seventh in line for the throne.