Finding a balance between good and bad news (50 Pics)

From the Australian bush fires to the coronavirus pandemic, in recent times, we have been overwhelmed with bad news. Watching people struggle in those difficult situations make us feel as the world is falling apart. Even though reporting problems like that is essential and crucial for people to know what to do in those situations, people need to hear some positive news one in a while. There are also so many things we can report on that will make people feel better and have hope that the world is moving forward and things are getting better.

Here we will list the best news that happened back in 2019, 50 of the best, so you can see that even though things are bad at the moment, there is still good in the world. 

When making this list, we wanted to pick news from all over the world from numerous different fields like science, animal rights, climate change, forest preservation, etc. Every single one of these shows that people all around the world and working all the time to make this world a better place.

Bad news travels fast, media outlets pick it up quickly and bombard our TV and social media with it. It seems today that the negative stuff is more compelling to the viewers than actual good news. Good things can’t happen in a day. For something to change for the better, it takes more time than something to go bad, so when it’s time to report something good, the bad news is always there to take its place.

It is weird how people respond to bad news quickly and know what to do. It is no secret that all of these bad things that are happening get in our way of a productive, happy life. It may seem that with all this bad news nowadays the world is slowly ending but it is far from that.

The problem is that there is no balance. The good and bad news is so of scale that there is barely any good news shown today. If a limit isn’t set by the media, then we as people need to control what we see. Next time when you are going through different channels on your TV or scrolling on your phone when you see an article that is potentially some bad news, don’t open it and focus more on the positive reports that you come across.

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