Images Taken of Celebrities Who Passed Away Shortly After

Today’s article isn’t for the emotionally weak people reading our stories. Because we will be taking a look at the last photos of celebrities. The last pictures of them taken before they leave us.

First, we have Tom Petty, a well-known and talented musician who lost his life in his home back on October 2nd 2017. Medics found his lifeless body on the floor of his house. He was in full cardiac arrest, but despite this, doctors didn’t give up on him, and they resuscitated him. Then, he was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center at Santa Monica. But, sadly, he left us that same night.

When we heard about Fred Willard back on May 15th of this year, we were really struck. He lost his life at 86 years of age from natural causes. Before he died, he was spreading laughter all around the globe, and he never stopped acting. The upcoming project that he has called The Space Force series is proof of that. But, some of his more successful projects have been the movie Anchorman and his small role in the famous TV Show “Modern Family.”

Amanda Peterson is next on our list, and since her adolescence, she was battling a difficult battle called substance addiction. And, maybe if she knew that she would lose it at the age of 43, she would’ve tried harder to battle this monstrosity. Her career was not a long one, as you would expect from a 43-year-old actress. But, she had a couple of big projects in her short career. Her role as Cindy Mancini in the movie Can’t Buy me is one of her most significant projects ever. She had a rocky mountain to climb, and in July 2015, she was found dead in her home in Greeley, Colorado, due to substance overdose. Peterson almost had her life sorted after she left Hollywood but returned to her old habits shortly after she finished her university.

Hollywood was the place for Elizabeth Taylor, where she became famous during the mid-forties. Cleopatra, A Place in the Sun, Butterfield 8, and Suddenly, and last summer were some of her most notable appearances. She went through 7 marriages in her lifetime. But, neither one of those seven did not last. Back in 2011, she sadly passed away. She was 79-years-old when she passed away as a result of congestive heart failure.

Younger generations will never know Lucille Ball, who was a pioneer woman in the TV Industry. She was a comedian who produced and appeared in movies and series. She was the producer and main star in her show “I Love Lucy.” She wowed the audience by showing the first interracial couple on TV when she and her real-life husband, Desi Arnaz, appeared in her show. She even co-owned the production company that paved the way for hit shows like Star Trek and Mission Impossible. Back in 1989, and Ambulance was rushed to her house where she was taken from for a difficult heart surgery which was unsuccessful. She sadly passed away on April 18th, 1989.

Born back in 1907, in Iowa, USA, John Wayne grew to become one of the most well-known actors of all time in all Hollywood. He had three marriages, and his last one was to Pilar Pallette. He is the father of seven children. As we mentioned before, John Wayne is a famous actor, and he has played in a lot of movies such as The Alamo and True Grit. His last public appearance was the 51st Annual Academy Awards back in 1979 before he gave up the battle against cancer.

Diana and Prince Charles are one of the most famous personas from the 20th century. Diana especially made them one of the most loved ones too. She was always around organizations that were taking care of the homeless, and she was supporting many charitable organizations. But, sadly, back in 1996, their marriage ended, and they divorced. Both parties went through the separation process, but, unfortunately, only a year after their divorce, Diana lost her life in one of the most famous crashes in human history.

We all know who the “King of Pop” is. But not a lot of us know that Michael Jackson is recognized by the Guinness World Record book as the number one most successful person and entertainer. The whole world was mourning when we found out that he passed away on June 25th, 2009. He left his ex-wife Debbie Rowe and their two children, Prince and Paris. But, shortly after his death, the media started allegations that she is not the biological mother of Michael Jackson’s two children.

Next on our list is Jerry Stiller. Born back in 1927, he lived his whole life in New York, Brooklyn. He decided that he wanted to be an actor in his late 20s. This was when he met his wife, Anne Meara, with whom he starred in his biggest hit, The Stiller and Meara Show. He passed this year due to natural causes. And, his last time in front of a camera was back in 2019.

There isn’t a person I know that hasn’t heard of the great music icon, “The King” – Elvis Presley. He lit the stage with his fantastic dance moves and music back in the fifties. He seemed to be ahead of his time, and he was a true trendsetter. But, sadly, in 1977, “The King” suffered from a heart failure, which was due to the use of his prescription drugs. He had one daughter from his ex-wife Priscilla Beaulieu. The public can still visit the home of “The King” in Memphis.

Janice Crouch, the co-founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network, died at age 77 after suffering a stroke in her home at Orlando, Florida. After her death, the channel has climbed up on the list of religious channels. It has become the most successful religious channel.

And, last, one of the pictures that all of you have been waiting for.

These last two photos were the last ever taken from Patrick.