People debate over the actions of Prince William did on the 4th of July

There has been a lot of talk for the past few days of the actions that Prince William did for the 4th of July. People online weren’t impressed and have been critical of the Duke of Cambridge. Keep reading the article to see what is going on.

Everything started even before the weekend, and fans of the royal family haven’t been happy.

People all around the world know think of just one family when we are talking about royal families.

They even know the majority of the members of the family.

One of the favorites is Prince William and Kate Middleton, the couple that represents the more modern part of the monarchy.

William is the older son of late Princess Diana and Prince Charles.


William is also the second in line for the throne.

Ever since he was a baby, Diana and Charles have been taking him to official visits and royal family gatherings.

William was taken all around the world. Until then children weren’t taken out of the house, let alone accompany their parents to official visits. Plus, the first in line and the second in line to the throne were travelling together which was also unconventional.

But Princess Diana wanted her children to experience more than the previous children of family members did.

She wanted her boys to grow up feeling normal and do things that other children did. He took them to McDonald's and Walt Disney World. She even bought them video games so they can play at home.

William studied at four different schools in the UK and got his degree at the University of St. Andrews.

William even decided to have a gap year, meaning that he took a year to travel in Africa, Chile, and Belize.

On the 31st of August, things took a terrible turn.

Princess Diana was moving through the Pont L’Alma tunnel in Paris when the car she was in got in a car crash. She was instantly rushed to the hospital which was nearby, Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, but nothing could be done. Princess Diana was pronounced dead early morning on the 31st of August.

There has never been issued an exact cause of death, and through the years, people have only been speculating and making up stories. Some people say that the driver who was driving the car in which Princess Diana was in was not sober. Others say that because many cars full of paparazzi were following them, they caused the crash.

Young William and Harry lost their mother.

As years passed by, Harry and William have always made sure that their mother won’t ever be forgotten. You can even see some of Diana’s traits with her two sons. If she was alive today she would have been a grandmother of four lovely grandchildren.

William and Kate have their own little family.

The couple married in 2011.

And since then they have been one of the favorites in the royal family.

Every news crew in the country and a lot of ones from abroad were there to film their wedding. And still today they appear in the spotlight a lot more than you think.

Kate and William met when they were students at university.

They met in 2001 when both were attending St. Andrews University.

Even though their relationship hasn’t been smooth,

They announced the engagement in 2010, after dating for right around 9 years.

From the moment they said their yeses, fans, and media have supported them and followed everywhere they went.

Later in 2013, their first son was born. Kate and William stepped out from St. Mary’s hospital holding Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, showing the third in line to the throne to the public.

Kate even wore a blue polka dot press, which reminded the public and media to a dress that Princess Diana wore thirty years ago.

Not long after, Princess Charlotte was born.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born just two years after her brother. She even made huge news after making royal history.

Princess Charlotte is now the first female, who as a part of the royal family has retained her claim to the throne.

Before the Succession of the Throne Act was made in 2013,

Every boy that was about to be born, would hop over any females that have been born before him. If the Act wasn’t made, that would have meant that Prince Louis would have overtaken Charlotte’s spot in line for the throne.

So now, everyone is holding their spot in the line to the throne. Louis is still fifth, Charlotte fourth and Prince George is third.

With all these new rules, we can see and confirm that William and Kate are truly making some big decisions and transforming the monarchy into a more modern one.

Not everything though is good news when it comes to the royals. Recently, Prince William has been slammed on the internet for his actions on the 4th of July.

The day before pubs and restaurants were about to open in the UK,

Prince William went to his local pub, which is nearby where he lives, in Snettisham in Norfolk.

Before he sat down and ordered a drink, Prince William went to the hand sanitizer and washed his hands.

He sat down with the owners of the pub and had a little conversation.

Some people thought that it was irresponsible and they weren’t impressed.

Social media went crazy, some people said that he only promoted that people should visit the pubs and restaurants.

People said that this action meant that people should go to pubs and restaurants while the pandemic is still at large. People even made a point by saying that if Harry and Meghan did the same thing people would start calling them all sorts of names. But since it is William it is all fine.

People continued to say that this was the wrong message to give to the public.

He was still not following the rules. He was still visiting a pub, which technically still had to be closed.

People slammed him for not wearing a mask and not distancing from the other people who were there. For that people said that if the leaders of the country, don’t lead by example then what is the point.

Some people stood behind William and tried to defend him.

Right or wrong, he certainly made the internet go wild.