It has finally been revealed from what has Carl Reiner passed away

Reiner was the son of Jewish immigrants. His father, Irving, was a watchmaker and was form Romania, and his mother, Bessie, was from Austria. He was born on March 20th, 1922, in Bronx, New York.

Reiner later in life got married to Estelle Reiner, with whom he has three children. All of his children pursued some sort of work in the movie industry. His oldest son Rob Reiner became an actor-director. The middle child and only girl in the family, Annie Reiner, became a writer. And their youngest, Lucas Rainer, became an actor-director as well.

Carl himself started studying acting while he was a teenager and performed with a travelling theatre. When he was doing his service in the Army in WWII, he would always entertain the soldiers. After leaving the Army, Carl made his Broadway debut in a musical called ‘Inside USA’ in 1948.

At the beginning of the 60s, Reiner creates the Dick Van Dyke show. He wanted to start as the main character, but then CBS only let him be the producer, writer and gave him a small role in the show.

In the late 60s, Reiner made his directorial debut with the movies ‘Enter Laughing’. The movie was an adaptation from his semiautobiographical novel that he wrote back in 1958.

Reiner, apart from directing, also loved to act. He managed to get roles in some big movies, such as the Ocean’s trilogy.

Just a year ago, Rainer voiced the character in ‘Toy Story 4’ named Carl Reineroceros. He had also received the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for Comedy back in 2000.

Carl’s son, Rob, followed his father’s footsteps and also became an actor and starred in many movies and TV shows. Later on, he even became a director.

Rainer lived up to be 98-years-old. His passing came as a surprise because many people knew that he was pretty active for his old age. It has been said that Reiner passed away in his home in Beverly hill, surrounded by family and friends. Reiner’s assistant, Judy Nagy, has come out and said that Rainer passed away from natural causes and that he was surrounded by family in his home. We will always remember Rainer for the numerous TV shows he has created and the amazing characters he has played during his career.

Next, we will show you how some celebrities look without makeup. Little hint: stunning.



At first, you may not even recognize her without any makeup. She seems like a different person. Stunning, either way, we just got used to seeing Adele with makeup, because that gives her iconic image that we all know her for.

Sofia Vergara

The famous actress doesn’t look a day older than 30. Now 46, she posted a photo of herself without any make, looking fabulous. Let’s all be honest here, with or without makeup, Vergara is just a beautiful, elegant lady. We can just figure out what type of anti-aging methods she is using.

Zoe Saldana

Just look at Zoe in this photo. Please, if someone knows her anti-aging secrets, share them with us. At only 40 years, Zoe is looking just absolutely stunning.

Zooey Deschanel

Big blue eyes, freckled face, Zooey is nothing short of an angel. When she is wearing makeup, we don’t really understand why you would cover up those freckles.

Naomi Watts

We are used to seeing Watts all covered in makeup, so it was kind of surprise seeing her posting a photo without any. She just looks like a regular beautiful woman. Nevertheless, she is undoubtedly turning head wherever she goes, with or without makeup.

Miley Cyrus

At the age of 27 now, Miley has, for sure, moved on from the innocent, youthful persona. She has matured into a classy, beautiful woman that doesn’t shy away from posting photos of herself without any makeup on social media. Because she is still pretty young, she doesn’t need to think about any anti-aging methods.


Shakira doesn’t need a spot of makeup to make her face stand out. Being 43 now, she has certainly used some anti-aging methods to look this good.

Priyanka Chopra

Having a face looking that good, while you have a busy schedule can be hard. But that is no problem for Priyanka, who looks beautiful as ever.

Kathy Kenney

The famous actress and comedian, only need little makeup in order to look like the Kathy we all love. And without it, she is beautiful as well.

Janet Jackson

We have known Janet for a long time, and every time we see her, she looks fantastic. With or without makeup, she still has something about her that makes her stand out.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has always looked stunning. We know that she is a firm believer in taking vitamins, and maybe that is her secret on keeping that face youthful. Adding a bit of makeup just give her that glow that we all want to have.

Melissa Rauch

She always looks like an innocent young lady, and the glowing skin and long blonde hair just give her extra beauty points.

Tiffani Pollard

She just looks so good without any makeup.


The only time that Lorde puts on makeup is when she wants to look a little bit older, some sources say.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia never shies from going out without makeup. Those big green eyes are the only things she needs to amaze us whenever we see her.

Kat Dennings

Maybe Kat has the smoothest skin we have ever seen. She doesn’t have to wear any makeup to look good. When she does put on some makeup, the occasional eyeliner with some lipstick is the go-to for her.

Liv Tyler

Being the ambassador for Givenchy’s cosmetics tells you that Liv can pull off a look with or without makeup.

Anne Hathaway

That big smile is the only thing that Anne can carry on her face to look beautiful. She is never the one to wear much makeup, apart from the occasional lipstick.


Last but not least, its Queen B. And come on, what can we say about one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is always going easy with makeup and never overdoes it.