A hippo’s big fart goes viral, more than 30 million have watched this video

If you ask any comedian, the basic fart joke makes people laugh every time. There is something about farts that makes people laugh. If you even think about it. Remember a moment in your past you've fallen on the floor laughing, it is most likely a result of a fart or a fart joke. Everyone loves a fart joke, people from every corner of the globe, from every culture loves hearing a fart joke. Just think of any situation, and implementing a fart can be funny. Whether you are in the grocery store, sitting at home having dinner, or enjoying a movie, one fart can change the whole mood. While bringing joy, they sure do smell terrible, and on that note, we like to tell you a story about a hippo named Harry.

But before we dive into the story about Harry, let's check some interesting facts about hippos.

We know hippos as gentle giants from children's books and cartoons, swimming in rivers and lying in the sun all day. However, don't be fooled by their appearance and think that they are harmless because they are vegetarians. For many years now, hippos are known as the most dangerous creature in Africa responsible for more human fatalities than any other animal in the continent. Hippos, on average, kill close to 3000 people yearly.

People often think that because they are so big, you can see them coming or you will be able to run away from them. It is quite the opposite, actually. Hippos can be underwater for more than 10 minutes, and any small boats that are above them when they come out are in danger of getting capsized. You can't even predict what they will do, and sometimes they will go after a boat and overturn it just because they can.


And as we said earlier, you may think you can get away if you are on land, but hippos can run on land close to 20mph, so outrunning them will not work. Male hippos often will charge you if they feel you are a threat to their territory. Females, on the other hand, can also get aggressive and chase you because they think you can be a threat to their young.

Even though baby hippos are always in the water, by getting yourself between the mother and their babies, you may get attacked. This the most common situation humans get themselves in and get killed.

Just think about a two-ton animal charging you at 20mph, and you aren't able to get away. The things that that beast can do to you are unimaginable. It is the second-largest mammal behind the elephant, and having one behind you won't turn out well. They deserve to be respected and feared at the same time. And if that isn't enough for you, they continuously kill crocodiles.

So in the video we mentioned previously, a hippo named Harry got all the attention. Harry is your average hippo, weighing around a ton, he is a zoo animal that looks like he isn't real when you are close to him. In the video, you can see Harry getting out of his watering hole, feeling pretty relaxed. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the water was perfect, and Harry was living his ideal life.

As Harry was getting out of his watering hole, people were coming near his enclosure and starting to film him. He got up on shore and started to look around, making sure that he had a big audience. As people were watching Harry, he stopped and let one big fart out. A fart that could have broken some records.

Bear in mind this wasn't any old fart. This was something that no one has ever heard or witnessed. One person who recorded Harry blasting the big fart posted it online, and until now, it has got more than 30 million views. We can easily say that Harry is the king of internet farts.

Watch the video and let us know if you have seen or hear something like this before.

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If you enjoyed the video of Harry the hippo, you would also enjoy this video of a hippo saving a baby zebra from drowning

It is always amazing seeing different types of animals helping each other. This video is just that, a baby zebra being saved by a big hippo. In the video, you can see zebras crossing an African river to get to land, and one baby zebra gets tired and starts to panic while still in the water. And the most unusual hero comes into the scene.

As the baby zebra keeps panicking and struggling to stay above the water, one giant hero comes and saves the day. The other zebras don't seem to notice that the baby is in danger when all of a sudden, a huge hippo comes to the rescue. The hippo comes close to the baby zebra and gently starts to push him towards land. The current would have carried the baby zebra downstream, but with a little help of the hippo, the zebra gets to the land safely.

The hippo didn't stop helping the baby zebra even when they got to the shore. Its skinny legs get caught on some rocks, and the hippo still stands next to it, trying to help it out. He starts gently nudging the baby.

The hippo remained close to the zebra until he was sure that he was safe. He kept looking towards it until he was sure he went in the right direction. In the background of the video, you can hear music that is fitting to the whole situation and makes it even more dramatic.

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Next on the list of interesting videos that we have compiled for you are some vinegar life hacks that will be super useful

We all know that vinegar is used when making salads and putting it in different foods, but also vinegar can be used for so many more things. Vinegar will make your life way easier, and it is also way cheaper than all of those chemicals that you buy to clean around the house. Vinegar has been used for years, and your mother and grandmother can vouch for us on this. If you don't believe us, just go and ask some of your older members of your family, and you will see for how many things vinegar can be used. Now we will show you some of the best vinegar life hacks that will surely make your life easier.

We all have been in the situation when we accidentally throw something in the drain, and it gets stuck. Take some baking soda and you trusty vinegar and just watch how quick your problem will be solved. If you have something sticking on your wall, grab that bottle of vinegar and squirt some on the spot. Leave it for a while and then take some tissues and wipe it off.

Our garbage cans can sometimes stink even if we don't have any trash in them. So a simple solution is just to take a piece of bread and soak it in vinegar and place it in the garbage an. Leave it overnight or for 5 to 6 hours, and the stank will vanish. Vinegar can also be used as a cleaner. Fill a spray bottle with some vinegar, water, and spray on the surfaces that you want to clean.

Another hack that you can do is fill a glass of apple cider vinegar and cover the top with plastic wrap. Poke some holes, and the fruit flies in your home will enter the cup but won't be able to get out. Other hacks that vinegar can be used for are keeping your pets off the furniture and cleaning the stains on your pots and pans.

We hope that you will use some of these hacks that we showed you. Let us know if they have worked for you.

If you enjoyed these interesting life hacks just wait until you see this vinegar shower head cleaning life hack that will definitely make cleaning easier


When we clean around our house, we imagine having some new simpler ways of cleaning the things that have taken us ages. It is interesting to find new ways to clean up and learn new solutions to some old problems. We have taken a video from the YouTube channel Outdoor and Gear review. This video shows a simpler way of cleaning a thing that will usually take quite some time to get it back as it once was.

You will encounter this problem when cleaning your bathroom and kitchen. The main thing about this is hard water. Hard water leaves behind these ugly stains that you can see on bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and they are pretty hard to get rid of. Those stains and spots are caused when the water contains larger amounts of magnesium, calcium, and limestone.

These minerals and metals occur naturally, and most of the time, they appear in areas like the mountainsides. The water that contains these minerals and metals is safe to drink, but the problem is that it leaves behind spots and stains that, over time, get bigger. Places, where you will certainly see them, are on faucets and showerheads.

The majority of people will use chemicals to get rid of these stains, but there is an easier and cheaper way to get rid of them. All you will need is some apple cider vinegar, a Ziploc bag, and a rubber band.

Take that apple cider vinegar and pour some of it in the Ziploc bag. Take that bag filled with the vinegar to the showerhead or faucet that has some mineral and metal stains on it and place it inside the bag. Secure it with the rubber band and leave it like that overnight or a couple of hours. Then take the bag of the showerhead or faucet, take some tissues and wipe it. The results should be unbelievable, and your showerhead will look like new.

Play the video and just look at how good the vinegar works. Take a look at that shining shower head, it doesn't take much time to do it, and the results are clearly impressive. So next time you see that you have those kinds of stains, try this hack out.

These were just some vinegar hacks that will help you out. Let us know which ones you have tried before and which ones you will be testing. Also, share them with your family and friends.