He Bought an Old Retired Plane and Made it His New House

Lots of people would love to have a house in the suburban area of a town. Mown the lawn each and every morning and drink a cold beer on their porch. Well, you've got people who want exotic looking shelters with pool areas and stuff on one end. People who want a quiet and a down-to-earth house on the other end, and then, you've got me, in the middle, not wanting a lot of luxury, but not settling down with a “basic” house.

That's the case with Bruce Campbell, a 66-year-old citizen of planet earth. He was working as an engineer for the bigger part of his life. Now, when he retired a couple of years ago, he always complained about how much extra free time he has. He didn't have any retirement plans on what he would like to do after he retires, but after he spent some time thinking, he came up with an idea.

Namely, he loved airplanes, even back when he was just a small kid, he remembers that he loved spending time around airplane-related stuff. A couple of years in the past, Bruce bought a plot of land and spent some cash in order to get an old retired plane to the sight. After some time looking, he finally found the perfect candidate. Namely, he purchased a Boeing 727 for a hundred thousand dollars. Don't ask me if the investment was worth it. Or if it was a good deal, I don't know anything about old, retired, and non-functioning planes.

Now, when he had done the easy part of his idea and purchased a broken-down Boeing 727, he needed to start doing something with it. And, the first barrier in his way was getting the plane to his location. And trust me, it's not an easy thing to transport a metal giant 1000's of miles across to the forests of Oregon.

After a lot of time spent thinking, Bruce finally figured out how he was going to transport the enormous plane. But, he ran into another barrier… taking the plane from point A to point B was going to be more expensive than the plane itself. He was going all-in on his idea of creating his dream house, so he decided to spend a whopping $120,000 to take the plane to his land in Oregon's forests.

Although he managed to get the airplane on his sight, he was still in the middle of a forest with an empty and non-functional plane. And, what was worse, he was $220,000 down because of this investment. So, now, he had to double down on his idea and finish it. But, an idea which looked like it would take a year at max ended up taking up a couple of years of planning to get the real dream house that he had in his mind.

Watching this video made me think about what we could accomplish if we only put our minds to it.


For the second video we've decided to show you a dog being approached by a wolf

When we say the phrase ‘Man's best friend,' we all know what animal we refer to. Dogs have been around us for thousands of years, keeping them in our homes as pets. Because of loyalty and selflessness, dogs are considered the best pet a person could get. Unlike cats, parrots, hamsters, fish, etc. dogs will always love you no matter what. Picking a dog can be hard, and you just have to go with your gut, and the one that will look at you straight in the eye, and at one moment, you just have a connection.

Maybe you are not the person who wants to take one home from the shelter, which is fair. There are thousands of breeds you can look at, and maybe choose one that suits your personality. Maybe you want a small dog, with who you will take walks in the city, maybe you have a family, and you want to get a breed that is super friendly with kids. You may have a big house with a big back yard, so getting an energetic dog, with whom you can run around all day is the match for you. Whatever you prefer, there is certainly a dog out there for you.

Before we tell you the amazing story about the wolf and the dog, we would like to take a look at the history between man and dog.

Humans have been around for more than 200,000 years, and once we started walking this earth, we have always tried to survive and build homes and communities. It is interesting to know that since we started building civilization, there were fury friends that came with us along the way. Multiple animals followed wherever we went, but the most likely animal that was always around was the Canis Lupus Familiaris or simply dogs.

It is known that the dogs that we keep in our homes today evolved from an animal that was the biggest threat to humans 100,000 years ago. Canis Lupus or simply put wolves are one group of a few that managed to maintain their species and stay on top of the food chain alongside the humans. When humans came to Eurasia, about 100,000 years ago, wolves were roaming the lands and started to be a threat to humans. It is fascinating to know that the interactions that humans made than were pretty similar to how wolves interacted with their own.

Humans would hang in groups and have gatherers waiting for them to bring some food back. Wolves were the same, they would hunt in groups and have coordinated strikes to bring down their pay easier. Both species were smart, and having larger groups meant that there were more likely to survive. They would plan out attacks so they could take down larger animals, and when they would bring back the animal, the whole pack or group would eat.

Both were social creatures and using their social skills, they survived longer than any other animal. Wolves had ruled all the lands and were on the top of the food chain because of their togetherness. When humans came along, wolves saw them as a threat, and they knew they had some competition.

For a long time, the two would face each other, but as time went by, some wolves got smarter. The ones that were weak and couldn't remain in the pack started to notice that if they don't show any aggression towards the humans, they will get an easy meal and protection.

The alpha males and females in the wolf packs would continue to face humans and see them as a threat. But, the weaker wolves and the ones that were abandoned by their packs would eventually outlive their previous pack members because of the alliance with the humans.

As time went by, the DNA of the less aggressive wolves would pass down, and eventually, they started being close with the humans. Giving them food, the wolves would, in return, help the humans hunt and protect their land and communities. The bond was getting stronger and stronger between the two as years went by.

It wasn't hard for wolves to adapt to their new lives, having lived in packs previously. As they started to live closer to our ancestors, they were finally even let to sleep in our homes. It is thought that there half-dog, half-wolf animals were the first animal that humans domesticated.

The dog-wolf hybrids changed and evolved throughout the years, becoming the modern-day dog. Dogs would help out in whatever way they could, and now the humans had a furry friend they could rely on.

Now you can see why that phrase that we said, in the beginning, is completely true. Dogs have been close to humans for a long time. Still, before they were domesticated and started evolving, they resembled the modern-day wolf. Wolves are known apex predators, they are fierce, and the majority of the animal kingdom are afraid of them.

Taking a moment back in time was good, so you could understand the symbolic things around dogs and humans. Now without further ado, here is the story that we had promised you at the start.

A man was sitting on his porch with his camera close by, so he could snap a few photos during the day. At one point, he noticed a black wolf coming towards his house. Out of nowhere, his dog came out of the house and went towards the wolf. The ma didn't panic just yet, because he didn't want to scare the wolf making it attack his dog. As the wolf was coming closer, the dog wanted to inspect the situation, so he began walking towards him.

When the two were only a foot from each other, the dog's owner started to panic, thinking the worst is about to happen. But it turned out the complete opposite of what the man thought. The dog and the wolf started to play with each other. He still wanted to keep his distance and be careful because a wild wolf could change his mood instantly.

After a couple of minutes playing in the snow, the wolf ran away. But a couple of days later he returned and this time all of the man's dogs were outside. Again the wolf started running and playing with all of them. It is super rare to see wolves interacting with other animals like that. Since it became normal, the man would take pictures and videos every time the wolf came close to his house to play with his dogs.

It became a daily thing, and the wolf would never show any aggression or attack the dogs. It seemed like he just wanted to make new friends and join their pack. Word spread quickly, and everyone in town knew about the wolf coming to play with dogs. Some people even brought their dogs to the man's house so they could play with the wolf.

A lot of time passed, and the man started to feel that the wolf wasn't a threat. And he was right, the wolf began to play with him as well. He would act like a dog, play, fetch, and bring back the thrown toy. And just like that, the man had another furry friend that he had to take care of.

The next video you are about to see is a video tour of The Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, a castle built in the 13th century and has been left untouched since 1932

We all think castles to be this fantasy structure that we have seen in movies and read about in books. We all picture big walls, surrounded by water, and a moat in the front entrance. And some of those descriptions are true. Castles were built with big walls to protect and keep safe the people who were inside. Ensure that enemies, wild animals, and harsh weather wouldn't get close to the people living inside. They were safe places where people would live and fight enemies that were trying to take the castle from them. Today, they don't have the same purpose that they had back in the day. Today people see castles as fantasy places and extravagant homes that only the wealthy can have.

In the picture above, you can see an abandoned castle called Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers. Even though it is abandoned, it still looks like some king is inside planning out his next move. It is located in a small town in the west of France, called Les Trois-Moutiers. It has been there for hundreds of years, surrounded by water, and beautiful forest all around the structure.

Today the castle is left unmaintained, and nature has started to claim it. For years it has been sitting there neglected, and people haven't done anything to get it back as it once was. It does truly need some restoring, and a new owner can make a huge difference. Seeing pictures like this can't truly capture the beauty that this castle has. Take a look at the video tour and be amazed at the craftsmanship and detail that had to be done to build this majestic structure. While watching the video, you can sense how much people have lost and, at the same time, gained when living in this castle.

If the walls could speak, they would tell stories of great battles that have occurred here and the great celebrations that have followed after. Just have a look at the video tour and see for yourself the fantastic beauty this castle has to offer.

This castle dates back to the 13th century. It was built to be a safe place for the noble family Bauçay, who answered and were pretty close with the king of France. They were lords, and they had to go through several battles to keep the castle. Through the centuries, that castle has been overtaken twice by the English in the middle ages. And later was taken back by the French.

When it was taken back by the French, the castle was used to host huge galas and over-the-top parties for noble people. Every important person at that time would gather in the castle and have lavish parties for different occasions. The party era didn't last long. When the French revolution started, the castle was once again destroyed.

For a decade, the castle wasn't touched. Then a wealthy businessman called Francois Hennecart bought the entire property and added a vineyard. Francois didn't enjoy the castle long. In 1857 the castle was given to Baron Joseph Lejeune, who was a relative to Napoleon III. Baron started to rebuild the castle in the romantic style, and once again, it was used to hold extravagant parties.

The last time an owner was trying to do something to it was in 1932 when he wanted to install central heat. A big fire started, and most of the castle structure was badly damaged. With that fire rare and valuable picture, books, furniture were all destroyed. Since then, it has sat there, slowly falling apart.

A few years ago, some people tried to get the castle back to its old self, but every time someone tries to work on it, one way or another, they end up giving up. We hope that some kind of an organization or a group of people will come and work hard to get the castle back to its glory days. Having a structure like that and letting it sit there slowly falling apart it is quite a shame. We all hope that in the near future, the Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers will again rise.

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