The GDT Winning Nature Photos Of 2020 Have Been Selected And They Are Just Awesome.

The GDT Winning Nature Photos Of 2020 Have Been Selected And They Are Just Awesome.

They say that nature is the greatest artist. But besides that, nature is also the greatest inspiration for other artists. For a long time now, painters and musicians have found their inspiration for their works amid nature. In modern times, we have artists such as photographers, who go around the world and try to capture natural breathtaking moments.

 It is almost impossible for a photographer to go out in nature and not find a source of inspiration that will make him grab his camera and try to take a perfect shot of the moment.

The German Society for Nature Photography has just organized an event called The Nature Photographer of The Year 2020. In the past voters would go in a meeting but due to Coronavirus, this year the meeting was held online. 

Voters got to see photos from the seven different categories from Plants and Fungi to Mammals, Birds, Landscapes, Nature’s Studio, Water, and Other Animals.

In total, more than 5,000 photos entered the competition but only 70 of them were chosen as winners, (10 photos for each category). The winners got to win generous prices that they deserve since their photos are awesome. You can check them out below.

1. Winner, Other Animals. Danger In The Mud. Crocodile In A Drying Pool By Jens Cullmann

2. Overall Winner, Mammals. A Hare’s Dream By Peter Lindel

3. 4th Place, Other Animals. Toad King By Kevin Prönnecke

4. 3rd Place, Other Animals. School Of Mackerel, Cocos Island By Henry Jager

5. Winner, Plants And Fungi. New Life In A Dead Forest. Dead Forest, Bavaria By Radomir Jakubowski

6. 5th Place, Mammals. Eyelashes By Herman Hirsch

7. 2nd Place, Mammals. Glowing Fox. Arabian Red Fox In Kuwait City By Mohammad Murad

8. 4th Place, Mammals. Curious Glances. Raccoons, North Hesse By Jan Piecha

9. 8th Place, Plants And Fungi. Raso De La Bruma By Stefan Pütz-Cordes

10. 7th Place, Mammals. Close-Up By Dr. Siegmar Bergfeld

11. 4th Place, Nature’s Studio. Stargazer By Christian Wappl

12. 5th Place, Birds. Song Of The Dawn By Maximillian Hornish

13. Winner, Special Category: Water. The Play Of Water. Hraunfossar, Island By Britta Strack

14. 2nd Place, Nature’s Studio. The White Coastline. Meltwater Lake, Greenland By Stephan Fürnrohr

15. Winner, Birds. Take-Off. Coyote Panics Geese By Flurin Leugger

16. 2nd Place, Landscapes. Masai Mara Sky By Jose Fragozo

17. 4th Place, Landscapes. Into The Sea By Uwe Hasubek

18. 5th Place, Other Animals. Stefan Imig

18. 5th Place, Other Animals. Stefan Imig

20. Winner, Nature’s Studio. Flooded With Light. Blackbird, North Hesse By Jan Piecha

21. 5th Place, Nature’s Studio. Refraction. Refraction Of Light In The Cobweb By Burkhard Hillert

22. 2nd Place, Special Category: Water. Milk And Honey, Reflection Of The Chalk Coast By Sandra Bartocha

23. 6th Place, Other Animals. Sunspider By Radomir Jakubowski

24. 7th Place, Birds. Summer’s Eve By Thomas Hempelmann

25. 3rd Place, Plants And Fungi. Max Fellerman

26. 8th Place, Birds. Walk Along The Beach By Karsten Mosebach

26. 8th Place, Birds. Walk Along The Beach By Karsten Mosebach

28. 6th Place, Landscapes. Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic Eruption By Kerstin Langenberger

29. 3rd Place, Mammals. Cut And Run! By Winfried Wisniewski

30. 4th Place, Birds. Ducks Tufted. Ducks And Pochards By Christoph Kaula