Twins Cuddle With Each Other In This Video Making It Go Viral

Having a twin can be a fantastic thing, having somebody who's consistently there for you directly from the beginning of life, a bond that endures forever 

One mind boggling video shows exactly how profound that bond is, in any event, beginning before birth: two infant twin young men wouldn't quit snuggling together as they did in the belly!

In a video that has almost 50 million views on YouTube, the children, at two months of age, get a shower and continue holding each other, folding arms and legs over one another. 

The babies are accepting an exceptional child shower, created by Sonia Rochel, a mid nurse and grandma from France. 

This strategy is intended for babies younger than the age of two months since it is intended to recreate the sentiment of being inside the belly. 

This may clarify why the babies are so close with each other—they need to be near one another like they used to be before being conceived.