People are putting up Christmas lights in these times of darkness

What started off in Wuhan as a contagious virus has viciously spread throughout the whole world. Some might be lucky at these dark times as they either work online or are rich landlords. But most are suffering. 

With businesses being closed millions of people throughout the world have been left without a job. Even business owners of bars, clubs, wineries and more are suffering due to being forced to close by the government. 

Even restaurants and businesses that sell products are suffering. The only way that they are asking ends meat is by delivering what we need to our homes. This year has welcomed the majority of us with big financial problems and lots of boredom. 

Some even are going to the extent of taking their own lives due to being in this extreme situation. What is happening is very unfortunate but let us not lose hope…

We need to understand that the whole world is suffering from this disease. Some countries have it worse than others as they are experiencing total lockdown like France and Italy. While others have put strict temporary laws, like not going out past a certain hour and also shutting down all businesses that do not sell food and basic needs. 

We are all experiencing total lockdown in our homes and the only thing we hear all day is about the coronavirus. It has become a part of our lives, we cannot stand it anymore. But some people are not letting these dark times get to their heads.

Even though Italy has more than 63 thousand people infected, they still sing together across balconies. People are finding new ways on how to have fun and spread some joy. A frequent trend that has come to increase is the fact that people are putting up their Christmas lights. 

It all started by a 10-year-old boy who asked his mother to but up their Christmas lights again. When his mother asked why he said that it was because he was bored and wanted something exciting to do. 

When the mother had a moment to think about it she realized that it was a good idea. Christmas lights would spread some joy and light up the spirits during these harsh times. So she put them up with her son and posted it on twitter. 

The post instantly went viral as people thought that is was a good idea for them to do the same also. Things like this are what bring us closer and get through this pandemic altogether.