Parent Allow Daughter to share a bed with a pitbull

Yes, we have talked about how amazing Pitbulls are and how they protect and even risk their own life for their owner. But a pitbull in a bed with a toddler can make people question why the parent let such a thing happen.

You might still get the idea that despite Pitbulls being loyal, they are still animals and can be dangerous for little children, especially babies.  I am not going to lie, yes, a 100 lbs pitbull like this can and in cases has been dangerous and even hospitalized children. 

Before getting to the actual point it is not recommended to let your baby sleep with such a dog in the same bed, no matter how loyal they are. It mostly can increase the chances of your baby getting suffocated by the sleeping dog by accident or they can even get harmed accidentally by the dog. 

Adalynn Leary, or differently called Ady, was a toddler living in Alaska with her family and their pet dog. The dog was a great loving pitbull that cared for his owners a lot. Unfortunately, Alaska was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and even though no one in the family was hurt, little Ady was left traumatized. 

As the days went by she was scare and anxious that the same earthquake would hit again. I can sure feel her pain as I witnessed a really strong earthquake myself. I could not sleep at all at night, had huge panic attacks for weeks and all parts of my body were left in fear. 

Ady’s parents were questioning how they could help their daughter calm down when sleeping. They found out that the savior would be their pet pit bull. So in hopes of calming her, they let her sleep with the dog in her crib. 

The dog stayed beside her, letting her hug and cuddle him from behind. The father captured one night on camera and the recording looked scary at first, but then you would see that this lovely dog was not harmful at all. 

It takes time and support to overcome trauma, sometimes it even takes some dangerous decisions. Ady needed someone to make her feel safe from the earthquake while she was sleeping, so her pet pitbull came to her rescue. 

The video was later uploaded on social media and instantly went viral. People understood that everything was made to help the little girl and not because of the parents being careless.