People have been debating about a video of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s mansion in Los Angeles

It hasn’t been long now since fans of Prince Harry have started to compare two videos that have popped up online. They are from their new home in Los Angeles, and when people saw them, they started to get worried.

From the moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left England to live in Los Angeles, British media and fans who they had back home were a bit sad. Plus, now, with recent videos, they are starting to get more worried.

Their decision was very sudden, almost nobody expected what Harry and Meghan did. While moving, lots of rumors and controversies have floated around. This move and stepping down was the first of its kind by royal members.

Ever since the move happened, everybody wanted to see how Harry and Meghan are living. Fans have been dying to get a little peek at their new life, and when they finally saw videos of their new home, they started to get worried.

Harry and Meghan have worked nonstop just to fulfill their duties. Since they got married, they have attended numerous tours and have visited many all over the world.

Ever since people saw who Prince Harry was dating, they fell in love with her.

Meghan has been a huge supporter of women’s rights and has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world with her charity work.

Not everything was alight in the beginning.

Some people in the media started to criticize Meghan when she first became a part of the royal family. Rumors were going around that Meghan had constant arguments with her father. Unfortunately, those rumors were true, and some of the discussions even went public, which made things way worse for Meghan.

Many people have put a label on Meghan, saying she has acted like a ‘diva’ since becoming a part of the family.

Some media claimed they had inside sources who told them Meghan wanted high maintenance. And, some of the staff who worked for the royal family for years quit their job because of her behavior. These haven’t been confirmed, but when one article like that popes up, other outlets start publishing it.

It came to the point where Meghan was criticized for the way she was raising her child.

Pictures came out showing Meghan awkwardly holding Archie, which can happen to any new parent. When the article started criticizing her parenting style, it was obvious that some media were deliberately trying to hate on Meghan.

She is an interesting person, and of course, the press can’t get enough of her.

Recently, a British new paper took things way too far when they published a letter that Meghan wrote to her father. Harry and Meghan were shocked that such a private message was made public, so they had to take legal action.

Prince Harry couldn’t stay silent anymore, and she started to criticize British tabloids for the way they were treating his wife. It was clear to him that Meghan has suffered a lot, and he wanted to put an end to it.

This maybe wasn’t the main reason they stepped down, but it felt like the tipping point.

The announcement was made on their social media, saying that they will step down as senior members of the royal family.

In the statement they released, they said that they discussed the move for many months and that the decision wasn’t made lightly. They wanted to basically have a fresh start and became financially independent.

They also mentioned that they will be spending time in both the UK and the USA.

They said that they will try to balance out their time and spend as much time as possible in both countries. They said this because they wanted their son, Archie, to be raised normally and teach him about his roots.

This came out of nowhere, and it was a big step forward for them.

Many people were shocked when they read their statements. But they also said that the will continue to support her Majesty the Queen and will continue to work with and discuss many important things in the future.

The first minute that their post was up, every social media went crazy. People couldn’t stop talking about it, and there were people that supported their decision and people that wanted them to stay and continue with their work.

Some people commented and were angry that Harry and Meghan were going to continue using taxpayer’s money before they become independent. It is speculated that Harry and Meghan didn’t tell anyone about their sudden decision. Their post on Instagram was the first time everyone heard about the news.

It has been said that none of the senior members in the family were informed. Not even the Queen and that many of them were shocked and disappointed at the same time.

Let’s be honest, wouldn’t you want to get out of there if so many people are constantly accusing you of things you have never done?

Most of the accusations and hate was towards Meghan. And when things happen like that constantly over years and years, you will get tired of it.

Today, Harry, Meghan, and their son Archie are living in Los Angeles.

They were lucky to make their journey, because days after that, borders were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now they are enjoying their days in a mansion in Malibu.

Since they are in the US, things have gotten way better for them and their son.

One close source to the couple has said that since they left noisy London, Meghan and Harry feel like new people. It is quite nice not to have the UK media following you every day. Plus, both of them don’t have to follow any protocol like before. She and Harry can finally live a peaceful, normal life.

The source also said that Meghan has been enjoying not following any dress code and that she doesn’t have to wear any make-up while she is outside. Things are certainly getting better for Harry and Meghan.

It has also been reported that the couple has bought a 15-million-dollar mansion. Their new home is located in Montecito, Santa Barbara, and there they are surrounded by Hollywood royalty, such as Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres.

So many fans are happy that Meghan and Harry are living their life, but…

There will always be people to criticize them.

All in all, we all wanted a peek at their new lavish mansion.

Because Harry and Meghan have sad some Zoom meetings while in quarantine, people had the chance to see inside their home.

They made meetings with numerous companies and organizations in the past couple of months.

In the meetings that Meghan participated, they talked about journalism and her experiences with the media in the past. On the other hand, Harry was talking to multiple athletes about the Invictus Games and mental health.

Meghan shared her bad experiences and how she and Harry dealt with it.

Harry talked about facing and having some mental issues and how he has been handling all of them.

Of everything we mentioned, the couple’s fans noticed something that sparked something new.

People quickly pointed out the rooms that Harry and Meghan were in during the Zoom calls.

People again started criticizing Meghan about the style of the room she was in by the looks of the room.

This is the room that Harry was taking his Zoom calls.

But when you see Meghan’s, the room looks much more fancy and lavish.

The fancy armchair and the view behind her looks way better than the room Harry was in.

Nevertheless, people always like to exaggerate things. We are sure that the rooms don’t mean anything special, but the conversations they had do.

People and media have been ruthless, and have spread rumours about the couple since they got married back in 2018. We just hope that now things can and are better.

Prince Harry had some words to say about his late mother, Princess Diana, on the day of her birthday.

There is no doubt that Diana left a huge mark on the world we live in today.


Ever since her tragic death in 1997, her legacy lives on through her two sons, Harry and William.

She was born on the 1st of July, 1961.

In her early years, Diana lived in the lavish Sandringham Estate. She grew up in a rich family, but she had a pretty normal childhood.

She was quite shy but was always creative. While she was young, she worked in different jobs, one being a preschool teacher.

When she entered her teenage years, Diana didn’t know what she wanted in life.

She lived in London, in the flat her mother bought her and was running around working low-paying jobs. Then in 1977, Prince Charles entered the scene.

In the beginning, Prince Charles got to know Diana because he was dating her older sister, Sarah. They didn’t have some kind of a close relationship.

Things started to change for Diana.


You can make a point, that Diana and Charles didn’t know each other that well, but still, Charles after the 12th date proposed to Diana. Not long after, on the 29th of July, 1981, Charles and Diana got married at St. Paul’s Cathedral. More than 700,00 people watched the wedding on TV.

Not long after the wedding, Charles and Diana had their first son.

Prince William was born on the 21st of June, 1982.

A couple of years later, they welcomed Prince Harry to the world.

Charles and Diana were seen together everywhere, but that didn’t prove that they didn’t have any problems.

Despite all of that, Diana cared about one thing and one thing only, her kids. Diana decided that her two boys will be raised differently than previous generations in the royal family.

Another big thing that Diana absolutely loved was charity work.

She wanted to use the platform she had to raise awareness and also help out where she could. She made headlines when she shook the hand of an AIDS patient.

Diana wasn’t your classic princess. She wanted to leave a positive mark on the world and make changes where they were needed. She started to work more because she wanted to shake off and leave her thoughts about her marriage at home.

Being 13 years older than her, the age difference was certainly starting to become a problem for both of them. It was known by the world that Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. You can see in this picture that he even wore cufflinks that Camilla bought for him while on a honeymoon with Diana.

It came to the point where both of them couldn’t take it anymore, and in 1996 they split up.

Not even a year passed, and Diana was dating, mogul Dodi Fayed. This also was a bit controversial because Muslims weren’t common in the royal family.

On the 31st of August 1997, everything would change for the worst.

While in Paris, the pair got in a car and wanted to get away from the paparazzi. While driving through the Pont L’Alma tunnel, they had a fatal car crash. Even though ambulance raced to the scene, Diana was pronounced dead in the nearby hospital called, Pitie-Salpetriere.

Why the car crashed happened is still up for debate. Some people blame the driver for not being sober, and others blame the paparazzi that were following them.

The world stopped, and everyone cried and mourned about her death.

On the 6th of September, the public funeral was held, and many people were there to say their last goodbye to their beloved princess.

The viewing figures were out of this world. The funeral was watched by more than 30 million people in the UK only. This was a huge tragedy plus, not only did the world lose a beautiful soul, two young boys were left without a mother.

As years go by, and William and Harry have grown up to be men, they never forgot to continue the things that their mother did and pay tribute along the way.

The talk about her often and always have something good to say about her.

It is sad to think about how much Diana would have loved to see her kids have kids of their own. It is a shame that she didn’t live to be a grandmother.

A couple of years ago, a letter was made public, where Diana talks about how much she loves her two boys. William and Harry were the most important thing to her.

It was amazing to see how much she wrote about them and to see the hope that she had for them to have a good life. Recently, Harry made an appearance giving a tribute to his late mother.

Harry appeared and wanted to speak about the annual Diana Award. The ceremony this year because of the pandemic will be held virtually.

This award ceremony was created shortly after the death of Princess Diana.

This award shows appreciation to people who go out of their way to make sure that their community and even country are thriving.

The speech that Harry gave started by talking about how much this award means to him.

He said that by being a part of these awards, he feels extremely proud and that this is a great way to honor his mother and encourage people to do good things.

Later on in his speech…

He said that what he has seen people do during these hard times, helping each other out and staying together, inspires him and others in the county and the world.

He mentioned that if his mother was here today, she would also be proud and would have joined people in making the world much, much better.

He continued by saying that there will be frustration and anger, but we all must pull together and heal. The only thing that matters is that we build a future that will be peaceful, and people will be healthy.

This speech was needed because people in the past months have been experiencing horrible things. And his speech may be an inspiration to millions around the world.

A global pandemic, racism showing that it is not dead yet, people for some time now have seen pretty bad days. People need to hear what to do, they need leadership now more than ever.

The only thing we hope is that things will get better shortly.

It was refreshing to see Harry, to see that he is happy now. We just hope he, Meghan, and Archie are doing well, and that they feel much better in their new home.