Heroic Dog Saves Woman After A Car Crash.

We might not think too much of other animals, but they are equally as heroic as us when it comes to certain situations. Human beings tend to be an arrogant species, thinking that we are invincible and we can do whatever we want to do. This pattern of thought makes humans entitled into thinking that we are the only ones who can do better for this world. Well, guess what? Animals can equally serve a higher purpose on this planet. 

Let’s take ‘Hero’ as an example. He is a German Shepherd who was courageous enough to save someone’s life. That is how this stray dog got his name in the first place. Shannon Lorio, had just fought with her husband and she was driving alone in the woods. She was going too fast to enter a sharp turn and that is when her car just rolled out of control and crashed. She was hurt badly and was nearly losing consciousness while wondering if she was going to die there all alone. 

Not much time passed when she noticed a dog’s figure approaching her. The dog stood right on top of her and then dragged her by the jacket in the closest road. Shannon gained consciousness a little bit and the dog stood by her side until some stranger in a car passed by and called 911. 

Luckily for her Shannon did not had the need for surgery and her mild wounds would heal just fine at home. After she recovered she went back into the woods looking for the German Shepherd which saved her but she did not find him. She managed, however, to later learn that the dog had been adopted and was now working as a rescue dog. The perfect profession for ‘Hero’, a dog who saves lives.