Man hacking his girlfriend’s favorite Disney movie might be the best proposal ever

We all have seen videos online of men proposing to their girlfriends, and let's be clear they are all amazing. But we might have just found the best proposal yet. 

One man called Lee Loechler wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Sthuthi David, but he wanted to make the proposal one of a kind. He took Sthuthi to a movie theatre where they were supposed to see her favorite movies, Sleeping Beauty. The twist was that Lee, the previous six months, was busy altering the movie, changing the character's faces to look like them. He also changed how the movie storyline went in order to set himself up to ask the big question at the end.

The moment comes when the characters are visibly different, and Lee in the movie tosses a ring into the air, and real-life Lee catches it. Seeing Sthuthi's reactions during the whole thing is fantastic. Lee catches the ring a gets on one knee to ask his girlfriend the big question, you can even see the characters in the movie waiting what Sthuthi will say. After the answer is yes, the whole theatre starts clapping, and also revealing that everyone in the crowd is their family and friends.

When this video got posted online, thousands of people commented on how fantastic everything was. And even, men that watched the video kept on saying that there is no way anyone can beat his proposal.

People on social media started commenting their thoughts, and the majority of them were stunned at how Lee thought of this and pulled it off. One person asked how anyone can top this proposal, and anyone in the future will have a difficult job getting even close to what Lee did.

Another guy said that he planned on proposing to his girlfriend in a Starbucks parking lot, saying that was the place where they first said ‘I love you” to each other, but after watching the video, he has to think about something better.

Another guy wrote how he proposed to his girlfriend at Disneyland in Orlando and thought that it was the perfect place and thing to do, but after watching Lee, he believes that he could have done way more. He also commented that it was the most beautiful proposal he has seen on the internet.

A guy even said that his attempt at a proposal in Hawaii doesn't get close to what Lee did. He changed an iconic movie, altered its plot, made a movie character pass him a ring. And filled a whole movie theatre with family and friends, just to make his girlfriend's day a one to remember.

We can all agree that this proposal takes first place without any doubt, and we all hope that Lee and Sthuthi live happily ever after.