Fans have been sharing Kelly Preston’ last photo and its heartbreaking

Just a few days ago, actor John Travolta took to Instagram to share some heartbreaking news. Travolta posted that his wife, famous actress, and former model, Kelly Preston has passed away. Because it all came as a shock, fans from all around the world have started sharing Kelly's last photo.

Seeing how much people loved her, make the whole thing ten times sadder.

It is always sad to see someone pass away too soon.

Kelly's husband, Travolta, posted on his social media confirming that his wife has passed away. She was only 57-years-old.

Preston and Travolta were married for almost 30 years.

They had three children, Ella, who is now 20, and Benjamin, who is 9. Almost 11 years ago, their son Jett passed away at 16 years of age.

Preston had a pretty good career.

She started her career starring in the movie ‘Twins' in 1988.

A great first movie, starring alongside Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Starring in such a big movie gave Preston multiple opportunities, and after the film, she became internationally known.

Her next few movie roles were more diverse. Starring in movies like ‘For the love of the game' and ‘Citizen Ruth.'

But the role that made Preston the person that everyone knows was in the movie ‘Jerry Maguire'.

She played the girlfriend of the main character played by Tom Cruise, Avery Bishop.

‘Jerry Maguire' is a movie telling the story of an extremely unlucky sports agent.

It all starts with him getting fired from his job, and later numerous unfortunate events happen to lead him to hit rock bottom.

It is a fantastic movie, but there is one scene in the film that stands out from the others.

If you have seen the movie, and we are sure you have, then you know the scene we are talking about.

It is when Jerry goes to Avery's workplace in order to reassure their relationship. But Avery doesn't want to hear any of it.

After a couple of lines, the whole mood and shifts.

After a little exchange, Preston punches Cruise in the face three times. She even later knees him in the stomach. It is this scene that the iconic line ‘I'm too strong, for you, loser' is originally from.

After that movie, Preston's career was only going upwards.

She later starred in movies alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood, like George Clooney, Meg Ryan, Kevin Bacon, and many more.

No matter how big her movies or roles in them were, the spotlight always went to the person she was.

Form the time she could help out, she did so, using her voice and supporting charities fighting for better education. Her selfless efforts were even awarded.

When she married John Travolta, again, she started to be in the news more often.

Preston and Travolta got married back in 1991, and people then couldn't stop talking about the newly married couple.

It was known that they shared numerous views, one of them being Scientology.

Preston, back in 2009, was interviewed, she said that the belief in Scientology helped her a lot when dealing with the death of her son Jett.

But the one thing that media and fans loved is when Travolta and Preston shared photos of each other on their social media.

It all came as a shock when Travolta, just a couple of days ago, informed the public that his beloved wife has lost the battle with breast cancer.

She shared the heartbreaking information on his Instagram account.

It has devastated people all over the world.

Tributes and messages flooded the post.

Actor Josh Gad posted on Twitter, saying that he was in shock when he read the news.

Russel Crowe also posted a heartfelt message on his Twitter, remembering his colleague.

American author and journalist, Maria Shiver also wanted to pay respect to Preston.

In all the messages that were written and sent, one thing kept coming up. Everyone described Kelly as a bright and kind person.

Everything changed when one photograph started to circle around social media.

The last photo that Kelly posted on her Instagram account showed her and her family, hugging together.

The comment section on that photo, within minutes, was flooded with thousands of comments.

It made everything sadder.

People wanted to pay respect to the late actress.

People from all over the world commented on the photo, leaving loving tributes for the actress.

We just want to say, Rest in Peace Kelly, you will definitely be missed.

It has been a rough year, keep reading to see who else have we lost this year.

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Harry Hains, 27-years-old.

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