Dog daycare center post pictures of puppies sleeping

Is there anything cutter then puppies? Of course, there isn’t. The way they look at you, run towards you when you call them, and that little tail that is wiggling all the time, puppies can win your heart in a moment. A daycare center for dogs in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, has been posting pictures on their social media of little puppies taking naps. Еvery picture is better than the previous one. They take care of dogs that are 12 weeks or older, and every owner can take them there if they can’t look after them the whole day. This place has been filled with dogs every single day, and workers have their hands full. The daycare center has said that more than 30 dogs are brought each day. They have also added that this is not only a daycare center for dogs but also a place where parents can come with their children to relax.

When you take your dog there, the workers have planned a whole day of activities, so your dog can play and socialize at the same time. Having a lot of activities, the puppies will get tired, so they have to take a little nap in order to get their energy back.

From 2 pm to 3:30 pm, the dogs lay down and take their deserved nap. Different factors will weigh in on the cost that the owners have to pay at the end of the day. One of them is how long your dog will be staying at the daycare center. When nap time comes, the workers have a chance to rest as well, but how do you resist not sitting close to them and seeing all of those puppies sleep. Thanks to the workers, we now have all of these amazing photos to look at.

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