One mother speaks up on why she uses a leash on her kid

When children are still little they are super curious and want to learn. They will go out of their way to see, hear, and touch anything that seems interesting to them. But because not everything is safe for kids, parents have to keep them safe at all times. That is why child seats are placed in the car, parents also install some covers for the outlets at home, put pads on doors, tables, basically baby proof everything at home.

There are thousands of ways to protect your children, but one thing has been up to debate for a long time now and one mother wanted to speak up on why she is using it.

She posted a photo that sparked a big debate

One mother named Desiree Hoye posted a photo and explained underneath why she is using a backpack leach on her child. The whole thing begins by her saying that before she became a mother she would have never imagined putting her kid on a leash.

As time goes by you change your opinion

When she did become a parent, Desiree noticed that every year more and more kids are victims of avoidable accidents that could have been prevented. If children were close to their parents, things like abductions, animal encounters, and other accidents could have been avoided. A statistic shows that more than 2000 children go missing daily because parents can’t keep them close when they are outside.

Desiree wants to know why is she being criticized

In her post, Desiree asks the question of why so much criticism has come her way when she is only stepping up the security level. Because she has heard and seen what could happen she just wants to protect her child. Like we said in the beginning, children are curious and one in a while they will wander off and if the parents aren’t paying attention something bad could happen.

What do parents have against leashes

Desiree has said that she has seen people comment saying that she is doing something terrible by putting her kid on a leash. There are two sides to this and both of them aren’t fully researched. On one side, there are no concrete studies that show that a leash or a harness will prevent children from getting into danger or getting injured. On the other side, there are also no studies to back the fact that children are getting injured from the leash or harness. It all comes down to the personal choice of the parent. Some people have raised that question would the leash cause any psychological damage to children, to which there is no answer too as well.

Desiree just wants her child to be safe

Desiree has said that no matter how strangers look at her in public or whatever people say online, she will always put her child first. And if putting him on a leash to prevent something happening to him then be it. She has also added that it is extra security and that she will do anything for her kid to be safe.


What you should know if you are considering using a child-leash

Again, using a child-leash is a personal choice, but if you have decided that you are going to use one you should know some things before.

– If you are worried about getting some weird looks in public, consider getting a backpack leash.

– Before strapping it to your child make sure to read the instructions.

– When buying the backpack leash or harness get the right size. You don’t want it to be too small because it will be tight.

– Not every product is the same. Check out some reviews from people that have already bought it and read if it is worth it getting it.


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A teen loses an auction for his late father’s squad car, then the man who won gives it to him

Most of us have felt what is like to lose someone close. Whether it is a family member or a friend, it hurts a lot. People don’t live forever, but if you keep them in your memory and heart, they will never be truly gone. Having something of theirs gives us a feeling of comfort when they pass away. Just remembering them will give you some kind of peace, but acquiring something physical that you know they had and loved gives you more comfort.

One teenager lost his father back in 2010. He was a police officer, and normally, his son and the rest of the family wanted to keep some of the things that belonged to him. In this specific case, it was his squad car, a Dodge Charged LX. Getting a late loved one’s belonging is quite easy because you want to have them for memorial purposes. When it is clothes, old photos, things that they used every day it is quite easy. But in this teenager’s case, getting a muscle car that costs thousands of dollars, wasn’t going to be easy at all.

It was a difficult situation for Tanner Brownlee

The specific car that Tanner wanted to get, the Dodge Charger LX is not a car that everyone can afford. Getting it brand new is about 30,000 dollars, and if you try to get it second hand is almost half of that. Even then, not everyone has 15 to 20,000 dollars lying around to get a car.

The price didn’t bother Tanner. He was the first person to show up on the auction of the car. He would bid as much as he could, just to have the car that his father drove. One problem would show up.

When it comes to auctions, you don’t really know what is going to happen. With cars, it is totally unpredictable. Even if you come across a car that is a second hand like this Dodge Charger LX, the price can easily skyrocket. If many people like the car, they will not stop bidding to get their hands on it. Tanner knew that many people would bid on the car and that they will be pretty high bids. He said that he will do as much as he can to get the car because he knew how much it meat to his father and how well he took care of it. He also thinks that the only two people that deserve to have the car are him and his little brother.

The price on the car went up pretty fast

A car like that if you try to find it second hand, it goes between 12,000 and 30,000 dollars. But at the auction, the price went even higher. At one point the car stood at the price of 60,000 dollars.

Before the auction, Tanner and his family set up a GoFundMe page where people could help out on getting the car. When the day came to go to the auction, Tanner was only able to get 3500 dollars from there, nothing close to what the car was going for. That didn’t stop Tanner from going to the auction and trying his best. He said that the car being his father’s meant a lot more to him than whoever else would get the car on the auction. Plus, Tanner knows how much that car means to his father and he wanted to have it to keep it just the way his father looked after it. Unfortunately, Tanner was quickly outbid by tens of thousands of dollars, and it seemed that the car would have a new owner.

The person that outbid everyone is named Steve Wells. Throughout the auction, it was easy to see that Wells is financially stable and that whatever bid was made he was going to top it. It came to the point where Tanner couldn’t bid no more and the auction was over for him. But when the keys of the car were given to Wells, he just turned to Tanner and handed them to him.

Being able to just spend 60,000 dollars like that isn’t a joke, and it makes us feel amazing that people like Mr. Wells still exist. The money that was going to be raised in the auction was going to charity so Wells did two good deeds at once.

You can check out the video below to see the moment Wells give Tanner the keys to his late father’s car.

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