30 pictures where people found out what karma can do

Mean people and jerks are walking around everywhere. You should always avoid them because they can either ruin your day or just make you feel angry. If you get tangled up somehow, the best thing you can do is walk away or say nothing. In other words, let karma do its work.

Seeing people get what they deserve is satisfying, so we have made a list where karma finally caught up with those kinds of people.

This guy had had that thing coming.

A guy stole a parking space form another person who was waiting for it. Little did he know that was the staff member that later was sat in the office where he went to have an interview.

Washing problem

One person put his clothes in the washing machine and left for a while. Some other guy came in, took the clothes out of the washing machine, and put in his. When the first guy came back and saw what happened, he took the other person's clothes and threw them outside in the snow, leaving a little note.

Please park correctly

Some jerk parked his car in several parking spaces, not his whole car is covered in toilet paper and some other liquids that have been thrown at his car.

I'll warm that up for you, human

This cat was certainly not happy with his owner not sharing the pizza, so when he briefly went out of the room, the cat laid down on one of the pieces.

Next time take the dog with you

This owner left his dog in the car, next thing you know, the dog decided to go to the bathroom in the car.

It is going to be a fun weekend for someone

A guy had put a couple of peanut butter bars in the freezer. The next day he found out that someone had stolen them. He left a note on the fridge saying that those frozen peanut butter bars were filled with laxatives for his dog.

Don't get a pet if you won't take care of it

Some owners felt tired of their dog, drove a long way, and abandoned the dog. A couple of days later, the dog came back home and bit the owner.

This girl played herself

In this photo, you can see two friends posing for a picture, and one of the girls is making ears with her fingers trying to make her friend look silly. But the shadows behind them tell a different story.

Well that didn't end well

Three friends were trying to make a video, and one of them got hurt.

Jokes on you

Back in 1887, a couple of guys tried to be funny and placed a woman's name in the mayoral ballot, so they could make fun of her when she lost. Well, the results were simply astonishing.

Well, well, well

There was a site called mugshots.com, where two people would put up people's mugshots and then demand some money in order to take them down. The two people who had the site were just arrested for extortion.

You picked the wrong house to rob kid

A young male tried to rob a house, but the owner wasn't about to let that happen.

Big king next time 

A person kicked a dog earlier in the day, later he witnessed the same dog, who brought some of his friends, destroy his car.

He didn't think that through well enough

The police were looking for a person who had to be arrested, then the same guy turned himself in because he thought that he would get the award for whoever finds him.

Nice try bud

These two young boys were posing for a photo, and one of them tried to be funny and make his friend look silly. But he wasn't aware of what was behind him.

Just a friendly reminder 

The whole car is covered in post-it notes.


Don't litter

A man posted a photo of himself holding a taco bell bag that was thrown on the ground. The man also said that he will bring the garbage and his license plate number to the police so he can pick it up.

Things do add up don't they

Again, please learn where you can park

This guy obviously doesn't know where he can park his truck.


She definitely made them pay

A Chipotle worker was fired from her job for stealing around 650 dollars. But recently she won a lawsuit of 8 million dollars because the company tried to frame her.


How evil can you be?

A teacher tried to get in contact with the president in order to get them deported. Instead, she gets fired.

Don't try to destroy something that you haven't built

A man tried to run over a snowman, not realizing it was built on top of a tree trunk.

Be more articulate next time girls

An Instagram caption got these girls arrested.

Why would you even hit a lady?

A lawyer slapped a lady, he then got arrested and was presented to Court by the same lady constable.

Didn't follow your own rules, didn't you?

A man that drafted adultery laws gets caught cheating and gets flagged in public.

Well, how the tables turn

A poacher gets crushed by the elephant that he shot.

A great example of why you shouldn't be racist

A man yelled racial slurs and tried to punch a FedEx driver. When the driver punched him back, the man fell dead.

He picked the wrong car to steal

A robber throws a brick at a car window, the brick bounces back and hits him in the head.

A taste of your own medicine 

Some guy caught a fly and put earphones on it. Let's see if you enjoy the sound that you are making all day.

A lot of people need to learn where and how to park

This guy parked his car in front of a dumpster. When the garbage men came, they left a present for the owner of the car.

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