Is Your Relationship Based on Lust or Love?

Love and lust – What’s better and what would most of you rather have? Today, we will be talking about the main differences that separate lust from love. Which is the one that ignites the fire between you and you partner and which is the one that keeps you up at night? Read on, and find out for yourselves!

Nothing’s wrong with a lust-based relationship as long as you know what you’re getting yourselves into.

Below, you will find 21 signs to find out what your relationship is based on. Lust or Love? Comment down below!  

Dress to Impress?

You always seem to be trying to look at your best when you’re meeting up with your partner. You try your best to look as good as you can.

If you base your relationship on love, you and your partner wouldn’t care how you look that particular day. Basically, you will love your partner for who they are, and not for how they look!

Deep Conversations

You’re constantly talking over “deep” subjects when you’re in love with your partner. When a relationship is based on lust, there’s a significant lack of meaningful conversations. When you love your partner you conversations would be more focused on your problems, hopes and dreams, focus, goals and your life. 

Past their Imperfections!

If you’re with your partner solely on lust, you will only see your partner’s looks and you think that they are perfect. When, in reality they’re far from it! But, if you manage to see your partner’s imperfections, and move past them, you’re surely in a love based relationship!

You Can’t wait to do One Thing

When talking about a lust focused relationship, you’re probably spending all your time together just having sex. This isn’t the way your relationship should be progressing, and you both know that!

Can’t Understand your Emotions

As we mentioned in the previous sign, sex is one way to communicate. But, it isn’t the only way to do it. So, if you’re feeling the silence, then your relationship is definitely based on lust. 

Your Only Memories are Associated with the Bed

If you feel like this when somebody asks you to remember a good memory with your significant other. Then your relationship doesn’t have even a pinch of love in it. It’s solely based on lust, and lust alone!

Living in the “Now”

If you haven’t spent time thinking about a future with your partner (marriage, kids, vacations, endless love) then, you can’t say that you really love them. But, if you have thought of this, and imagined how their name sits with yours next to it, then your relationship is based on pure love!

No Real Dates Whatsoever!

No, we don’t mean staying the night in bed together when we’re saying real dates. That’s everything but a real date. When’s the last time that you went out, when you surprised each other? If you don’t have these kinds of moments, then your relationship is based on lust.

No real Personal Investments

When you don’t invest time or patience in one another, your relationship is based on lust! Do you know your partner’s favorite music band? Do you know what kind of flowers she loves? Have you found out what they’re really passionate about? If you’ve answered no to any of these questions and yet you think you don’t have topics of conversations then your relationship is driven on pure lust! Also, if your whole time is based on shallow connections and meaningless conversations you don’t know how love feels!

Haven’t Met their Social Circle?

If you know who your partner loves to hang out with, and if they spend the time to get you inside the circle then thy surely love you! There’s nothing better then getting to know your partner’s friends and family!

Scared of the “L Word”?

If you both seem to be scared of saying the “L Word” to each other, then you’re probably not in “L” with one another. Your relationship was probably running on lust all this time!

Not Thinking about one another in “Pure” fashion

Do you find it hard to think about one another in a “Pure” fashion? If so, then you’re probably not feeling love. If you can’t think about the emotional aspect of the relationship. Then the feeling that you’re experiencing is probably lust.

You’re always on the lookout about What you do around them

There’s a difference in not caring what your partner thinks about you, and having the freedom to do whatever you want when you’re with them. Not acting your best is not a sign that you don’t care what your partner thinks about you despite of what most people would make you think. On the contrary you should always feel good about doing what makes you happy around your partner.

You don’t feel that not Talking is an issue?

If you feel like this then you probably don’t value the personal connection between you two. This means that you don’t love your partner.

No Intimate Moments Outside of your Bedroom?

You don’t need to look too far when you’re looking for intimacy in a loving relationship. If you do look hard, then you probably aren’t looking into a relationship that’s based on love. Lust-based relationship oftentimes are limited to the intimate moments in the bedroom! 

Not wanting To hear about Each-other’s problems

Your relationship is not based on love if you don’t care about your problems, and look for ways to solve them for your partner. If you love your partner then you should be their support, and want to help them.

You Don’t Rely on One Another

You know that you can’t count on your partner if you have any kind of problem. You feel like it’s a casual arrangement and not a relationship.

They Don’t Know Everything

Hiding things is not a problem for you since you don’t feel like you need to communicate things with your partner. There’s a big emotional gap between you two, and there isn’t any love in this case. 

You don’t Feel Jealous

Jealousy is not good in a relationship, but when there’s a lack of jealousy then you know that there isn’t any emotional attachment between the two of you!