Megan Markle gets to hear some terrible news from the courthouse.

Being part of a royal family can sound like a dream come true for millions of people. The thing is that it is more complicated and harsh than you can ever imagine. We have all probably heard of Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. But do we actually know what she has been dealing with since she married Prince Harry? 

We see her all over the news as this figure that is unfitting for the royal family due to her “scandalous” past or the way she does not strictly respect the rules that come with being a duchess. The media has been against Megan since we could all remember. This is not something new as even princess Diana was “shamed” by the newspapers when it was her time. 

Megan had previously taken legal action against a publication made by the British News. But not only did the court come against her, but she also lost the trial against the publishing and had to agree to pay at least £75,000 worth of legal costs that she needed to pay due to losing the trial against the British News. 

Markle is in hopes to take down ANL (Associated Newspapers Limited) which is a primary company of MailOnline and the Daily Mail. The reason behind this is because this news publishing company posted a secret letter that Megan had written to her father back in 2019.

Despite the fact that the open felt that Markle had a body of evidence against the distributor, the High Court's Mr. Warby negated a portion of Markle's cases in the suit, including the paper's allegation of “intentionally working up” dramatization and issues among her and her dad.

The news spread rapidly that Megan lost the court and now has to pay thousands of dollars’ worth of legal fees. The money will be used to pay the publishing company the worth of the lawsuit so that they could be able to defend themselves against Megan during court.

As of the people that spread the word out regarding Markle’s secret letter, they turned out to be her own friends. Yes, imagine all of your friends snitching on you and making you pay tens of thousands of dollars just because they could not keep your secret. 

If it was for me, I would have totally spelt out their names on live television. But Megan was not willing to backstab her friends like that and confessed that she did not want to defame her friends like that primarily because they were mothers. Megan said that she did not want their children to suffer the consequences of having their mother’s names all over the news. 

Although Megan’s attorney did accidentally call out one of Megan’s friend's last names during court, she paid extra to keep the identity anonymous. 

Megan is currently still in the process of suing the company for copywriting purposes and violation of privacy. Even people magazine was part of this major drama. 

Many of us just do not know the pressure of your name being out there and not expecting what the media is publishing about you. Megan has spoken about this topic by saying that the whole experience of being a part of the royal family is an emotional rollercoaster.

It is truly affecting her mental health and her husband’s mental health. We all need to keep in mind that no matter what the media says, Megan is just a successful actor that wants a happy and normal life like all of us.