Nurse sings a song for a three year old boy battling with cancer.

A three-year-old boy was sent to the hospital recently after his mother found a huge limp in his stomach. After a quick diagnosis, the doctors did not doubt that the kid had cancer and he needed to be treated as soon as possible. The type of cancer is called Burkitt's Lymphoma and it is known to double in size within the first 24 hours. But what the mother of the kid did not know is that she would have an angel sent at the hospital by God to make her go through all this struggle with no worries in her mind.

A nurse called Beth Porch was there all night while the three-year-old was preparing to go into chemotherapy. She even grabbed a small guitar and started singing to the three-year-old. You know, music heals. Whether you are dealing with panic attacks like me or you have cancer or even Aids, there is something about good music, that helps you get through it. So when this nurse grabbed the guitar, started playing it and started to sing “It’s All About You” by McFly, the mother was in tears as she was recording the whole scene from her phone.

When she decided to post the video later on Twitter she had no idea it would go viral. The singing nurse got more than 800,000 views and people are still playing it. Even McFly’s singer, Tom Fletcher saw the video and decided to repost it calling the nurse a life savior with the voice of an angel. Now even though the three-year-old kid is going through a really tough time, dealing with cancer, I am sure he will be fine, because God is always watching.