Jennifer Aniston recent post has got fans confused and excited at the same time

We remember as if it was yesterday when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston became a couple back in 1998. Everyone at that point in time went nuts when they heard the news. For years after, Pitt and Aniston were known as one of the biggest couples in the world.

After more almost 10 years together, in 2005, Pitt and Aniston split up. Every fan around the world was shocked, and the reason they did it made it even worse.

Today, fans of both actors are starting to debate that Pitt and Aniston are more than just friends, because of a recent picture Aniston posted on her social media.

If you want to look at the picture, we are talking about scroll to the bottom, but we think that looking back at some things first will make things more clear.

Pitt and Aniston first met each other back in 1998, when their agents introduced them to each other.

At that time, Aniston was still filming the TV series ‘Friends,’ while Pitt was about to start shooting the iconic movie ‘Fight Club.’ At first, they wanted their relationship to be a little private so that fans and the media won’t start speculating.

They first appeared as a couple at the Emmy Awards in 1999.

A couple of mounts later, they got up on the stage at a Sting concert and announced that they were engaged.

Favorite couple.

A year later, in 2000, they said their yeses in Malibu. They wanted to have quite a private wedding, so the guests that were there had to sign agreements that they wouldn’t take any pictures.

Because their relationship was so private, people couldn’t find out anything about the couple.

In one interview back in 2001, Aniston spoke about her marriage with Pitt, and everything seemed like it was fine.

In the interview, she talked about their expensive home as well.

You could see and feel at the same time that Aniston was so in love with Pitt. During the whole interview, she mentioned Pitt every chance she got.

Pit even did a cameo in ‘Friends’ back in 2001.

The character he played in the show was an old high school friend of Ross, and in the episode, they tell Rachel, played by Aniston, that they spread a rumor about her back in high school.

Since they had split, and it has been well over 15 years, rumours have never been denied or confirmed as true about the ex-couple.

A couple of years after that famous cameo, things began to feel a bit odd.

Aniston was constantly asked if Pitt was the love of her life.

A lot of things suggested that they were in love.

At one point in 2004, Jennifer even talked about wanting to start a family and that they were interested in having kids.

Unfortunately, they split up.

Thigs were not becoming better, and things started to fall apart.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

In early May 2004, Pitt started filming the famous ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ alongside actress Angelina Jolie. At that time, it was said that they spent a lot of time together.


When the media heard that Pitt and Jolie spent a lot of time together, things started going crazy.

They came out in 2005 and told the world that they have split up, but that they are still friends.

They even released a joint statement.

In the statement, they said that they were splitting up and that nothing the media was publishing was true. They will continue to be friends and respect each other. They also said that they would want some privacy in the coming months.

The media even went to friends and family of Pitt and Aniston asking them are they still real friends. Everyone that was asked confirmed that both still cared for and respected each other.

Was the reason for the split that Aniston didn’t want to have kids?

Aniston came out in 2014, slamming the media after constant questions if she will ever have children. She stated that her value as a woman isn’t measured by motherhood.

She is completely right.

She even slammed the media and those who wrote that she and Pitt separated because she didn’t want to have kids.

Their relationship wasn’t so good after their separation.

After a couple of months, Aniston spoke about how Pitt and Jolie were insensitive after she and Pitt broke up.

Aniston even did an interview talking about what Jolie said about her and Pitt during the filming of a movie.

She said that when she heard Jolie say that she couldn’t wait to go to set just to be with Pitt, she thought that was a bit inappropriate.

But now, photos that were taken backstage of a big award show has fans going crazy. But things got even bigger when Aniston posted a photo the next morning.

This is the picture that Aniston posted the morning after she won the award.

People started to debate about Pitt and Aniston being back together again. From just this photo, people on social media started to go crazy.

Well, we are not quite sure, and we would love to hear what you think.