Out of the blue..

If you want to have a good laugh, just browse the internet for some funny animal photos and videos. There are limitless photos and videos of animals being unpredictable. One particular video has caught our eye. A woman walking on a beach and a pig chasing her. To see it scroll to the end.

Because we love seeing photos of animals, we compiled some pictures that will make you laugh. Just by seeing the photos, we can really be sure what happened before taking them, but that just shows you how unpredictable animals can be.

Not so long ago, one video where a woman was bitten on the bottom by a pig, has gone viral on Tik Tok, to see it just scroll down past these amazing photos.

Karate dog

This guy obviously doesn’t like the girl in this photo.

Trunk kiss

This guy came a bit too close to this elephant.

Not letting go

A kangaroo is holding on to a woman.

Open your eye girl

This dog is about to pee on this girl who is trying to get a tan.

You are too close

This girl got a bit too close to this camel, and she clearly didn’t know that camels do bite.

Jump on her

This dog is jumping on this girl while she is clearly not enjoying it.

I’m not a shack

This dog is basically trying to eat this girl’s face.

Well you can outrun him

This girl is being chased by a horse.

On the ground human

A dog, tackling a woman.

Prepare yourself

The face that this woman makes says it all.

Outdoor hairstylist

This girl is getting her hair bitten by a little monkey.

Angry face

This little dog is clearly not happy about something.

Stay calm

Again like one of the previous photos, a girl is being kissed by an elephant.

Finish her little guy

It seems that this girl will feel the wrath of this monkey’s paw.

She will be missing a piece of her hair

This woman is getting bit by a raccoon on the head.

A little nibble

This little pig wanted to know how this girl’s leg tasted.

That is mine now

Always make sure that you eat your food when seagulls are around.


Let me get a taste

This little guy is certainly just playing.

No photos, please

This chicken obviously didn’t want its picture taken.

Get out of here

Simply don’t mess with emus.

Square up woman

This little kangaroo trying to fight with this girl.

Come here, girl

Well, those claws surely weren’t pleasant.

Can I come in?

Never leave windows open when giraffes are nearby.

Hungry birds

Bread crumbs are enough, don’t give them your hand.

Want to go on a walk?

This time the dog is doing the waling.

New hairstyle?

This camel is just fixing her hair.

Well that surely hurt

A little hedgehog, biting a girl on the nose.

Now, it is time to see what exactly the pig is doing in the picture. Play the video to find out.


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