Lion Lets Out a Big Roar and Then Winks with a Smile.

Who said animals cannot act like humans? Aren’t we also kind of animals after all? If the theory of evolution is real than that means that we were just like monkeys a few million years ago and we were acting like animals. Since we evolved to act like this, then animals have evolved too. There are countless photos and videos online that show animals showing human behavior. People are very amused by this and they love it so much. It is always awesome to see an animal smile at you for example. 

Gren Sowerby knows what this means since he has been a wildlife photographer for 40 years now. He has had the chance to see different kinds of animals and go through different kinds of experiences. But even though he has seen much, there is a lot out there that can still surprise him. Recently he has been on a trip in Kenya to see the lions and there he has caught on camera something truly fantastic. He saw a lion and a lioness that had killed a prey in the bushes. After the lion was full he did something truly amazing.


The lion roared in a majestic way as if he was declaring that he was the king of the jungle. Then after Gren took a snapshot of the roar, the lion simply smiled and winked. The moment was just great for another photo. And now the photo has gone viral and people are loving it more and more. It is truly mind blowing how this lion managed to do such a thing. Well, now we can all agree that animals can act as humans too and make a good picture for it.