Taking Care of His Elderly Neighbors This Teenager Is My Hero

Elderly people are the most vulnerable in our society, especially those with no one to care for them. One such couple is the neighbours of Romemylion Mitchel who has taken upon himself to take care of them.

Too often teenagers are depicted as inconsiderate and rude, in particular to old people. Movies and the media often emphasize the rebelliousness of the age groups between 13 and 19. Stereotyping is a bad thing in general but in their case, it's unfair, to say the least, most of them are loving and caring young people that usually don't have much of a difference from the rest of us. The fact is they have as much empathy as everybody else.

Romemylion Mitchel is 15 years old. He lives a normal life hanging with his friends and going to school. Every day begins the same for him, saying hi to his elderly neighbors. The couple has been living on their own for several years now. Recently their health has failed them, making simple things like going to the store or the pharmacy, very difficult.

But Romemylion is there to make life easier for them, he takes care so their basic needs are fulfilled. He has known them his entire life so it is a no brainer for him to help the couple. Being a generous and loving young man he is very conscious of people in need and can't imagine leaving them helpless.

He visits them every day to check if they need something, and if they have a request he doesn't hesitate to help them out nor does he complain about anything. Tiki Joyner, the daughter of the couple, who lives in another state, just recently figured out that her parents had a teenage friend helping them out every day. She was blown away by the young man's selflessness, so she took to Facebook to tell the story of Romemylion.

“He rides with dad to the store, helps him shop and brings the groceries in.. he cuts the grass and whatever they may need”

Romemylian is not seeking a reward or anything in return. He is just taking care of his neighbors because he is just a good person and a considerate teenager. Romemylion is giving them also emotional support. When the woman, Cianne, recently was hospitalized he went and visited her as soon as he was able to. When he was at her hospital bed he couldn't hold back and hugged her tearing up as he did.

Their daughter is absolutely mesmerized by this teenager.

“I feel blessed that my parents have found a friend in this young man, it's heartwarming”, she said.

So if some teenager gets on your nerves sometimes, do remember my new hero Romemylion. And consider that they are adults in the making capable of every bit of compassion and love we are.