Dog waits to be found by owners for 4 years in the same corner. When the owner finds him, he walks away

A dog in Thailand was lost by his previous owners while they were driving around and suddenly stopped at a gas station. While the owner had his eyes away from the dog, they both lost one another. 

The confused and lost dog was left in the middle of nowhere. He knew his owner loved him and was looking for him so he remained loyal and spent each day waiting at a corner of a road, where he last saw his owner.

People living nearby could not help but be curious about a strange white dog, looking at the road for hours waiting for something. The first person kindly to help bring food to this devoted dog was Saowalak. She took care of him from time to time. 

She would give the dog food, water, and support. The kind woman even gave him a name, Leo.  He got away in her heart so much that Saowalak decided to take him home with her. But weird enough, even though Leo liked Saowalak he found a way to escape from her home and ended up at the same corner he was before. 

When Saowalak saw this she did not think of giving up on Leo. She still gave him everything he needed to survive and even gave him medical help once when he was sick. 

A full 4 years had passed and the dog remained head up in the same corner, never losing hope that he would one day meet his owner. Surprisingly Saowalak would stay as loyal to be by him. 

After so much time had passed another person named Anuchit Uncharoen that lived in the neighborhood decided to take a photo of Leo and post it on social media. 

Lucky enough for Leo, his owner went through the same photo due to the fact it had gone viral. The owner soon came and found his long lost dog. He was so happy to see him again and explained that he had searched all over for him. 

When the owner was leaving something strange happened. The dog did not follow his owner. Saowalak and the owner were both confused about what the dog wanted. Did he just want to be a stray dog? 

The owner understood that the dog showed more love towards Saowalak so he was happy for her to keep it. Confused that the dog had already escaped from her once, Saowalak gave it a try. But this time Leo stayed. He decided that he could not abandon Saowalak for taking care of him for all those years.