A Dog That Loves Watching Through a Street Hole Gets A Surprise.

The world situation still continuing and people are trying harder and harder to find new ways for entertainment. Lucky are those people that have pets in their homes. They get to spend their time in the presence of their dog or cat and have so much fun. After all, pets are awesome friends and can make up for a great company. Especially when you get to have a little fun with them from once in a while. Funny pet videos go viral everyday now and people seem to just love watching them. 

Somebody took a video of a bulldog watching through a painted fence and now it has gone viral. In the video we can see only the bulldog’s head peeking through a hole in the fence. What makes the video really funny is the way that the fence is painted from outside. The owner of the bulldog apparently came up with a brilliant idea when he found out that his bulldog loves watching the street through that particular hole in the fence. The dog's name is Bogart and he lives in Denmark with his owner Ranveig Bjorklid. His dog has gone viral there and according to his owner, the dog also has his own social media influencer page.

Since the dog loves peeking through that hole, Ranveig decided to paint a jester costume and a jester hat on the fence. So whenever the dog's head is out to look at the street, he fills the full picture of the jester. Ranveig’s daughter was the one that painted the fence and the result is absolutely funny and amazing. Since the fence has two holes she decided to paint them both so Bogart and their other dog can both look at the street while making up for a great photo.