Only Geniuses Can Find The “Y” In Less Than 60 Seconds

Do you really have a focused mind? Today we will be taking a look at an amazingly fun and simple game which will help you improve your logical as well as your visual skills. The only thing that you would need to do is find one odd thing in the picture. In today’s picture, you will be looking for a “Y” in tons of “X”. It’s not as easy as it seems, let me tell you that. The catch is that you only have one minute to solve this picture. Tell us in the comment section below how much time you needed to find the “Y”. There’s a cheat sheet for the ones of you who are lazy. Just scroll down and you will find the answer. Will you accept our challenge?

Challenge: Find the “Y” in a pile of “X”s.

How did it go? Did you find it? If you didn’t scroll down and you will find the solution!

Where’s the “Y”? 

How was the challenge? Did you manage to finish it without looking into the cheat sheet? If so, leave a like and a comment how much time you needed to finish this challenge!