Little Girl Sings To Her Cat As It Passes Away

Pets, can’t live with them – can’t live without them! They are one of the most significant parts of most of our lives, but still, they can get on our nerves. I know that they are not human, but sometimes I feel like they understand me more than a human ever could. And, that’s the main reason why we’ve chosen cats, dogs and other pets to be our best friends throughout so many of our lives. I know of a lot of people who even consider their pets to be a part of their family. But, here comes one hard truth. And, that is the fact that pets don’t live as long of a life as humans do. And, this is the point where we realize that everyone who owns a pet, would have to say goodbye at some point in their lives. It is a really painful experience for us as adults, but imagine the impact it has on children!

Get your tissue box ready and in reach, because today’s heart-breaking story and video will surely make you drop a couple of tears (and by a couple I mean a lot of tears!) Today we will be talking about Abby, the 4-year-old girl who sang “You are my sunshine” to her dying cat. 

As we mentioned above, Abby is 4-years-old and her cat Bailey has been involved in each and every memory that Abby ever has of herself. Bailey has been a part of Abby’s family even before she was born. In fact, she has been a part of this family for more than 14 years.

Abby loves her cat and loves spending time with her, and Bailey can’t hide the happiness that she feels when Abby is in her vicinity. She loves when Abby reads to her or sings songs. And, it seems that she can understand each and every word coming out of Abby’s mouth.

But, this was the last song that Abby every sung to her beloved cat because only a couple of hours after this heart-tearing video was filmed, Bailey, Abby’s cat, passed away. Doctors say that it happened because of kidney failure. 

When Abby’s parents posted this video online it started getting traction almost instantaneously. It started breaking the hearts of a lot of people as they shared it, liked and commented on the post.

People have been trying to cheer up the kids, including Hannah Abby’s little sister, who also had to go through the pain and trauma that losing a pet is. 

Abby’s mom decided to get public and thank all of the people who dedicated a moment of their lives to her daughter and her family to try and cheer them up. She said that the support is helping and that it’s nice to see so many people gathering in order to share kindness and help in those sad moments.