Man leaves everything behind and runs to support a crying old lady 

When love is finally found it is hard to even imagine a world without your significant other. Yet alone when you are old and you have been spending all your life with your partner. They are all you know. They have been there through your worst days and through the most beautiful days of your life. 

This was also the case for an elderly woman and her husband. Every day they would dress up in matching suits and matching sunglasses and head out for a walk. Wither it would be a sunny day or a rainy day, they would always have a smile on their faces. 

They had a routine of walking around the neighborhood and talking to neighbors. One of the neighbors they would always talk to was Aldon O’neill Ward. The couple loved his friendly dog and would always stop by to pet him. 

Aldon O’neill Ward was more special than any kind of neighbor. He was known as “Mr. Rogers” of the neighborhood. He helped around and always held a smile on his face. He was the kind of neighbor everyone would dream of having around. 

One day Aldon O’neill Ward was doing some work, fixing the front of his yard when he saw the same elderly woman he would see on the usual. But this time something was different. The old lady was walking alone without her husband. 

Then Aldon kindly asked the lady where her ‘other half’ was as they would always go out together and not alone. The old woman shook her head as if something was not right. So Aldon left behind everything that he was doing at the moment to go and see what was up with her. 

They shook hands, but the way she shook it was different. It was cold and you could sense the negativity and sadness from her. A tear dropped from the poor woman’s eyes, while the words “I do not have him anymore” came out of the mouth. As soon as Aldon O’neill Ward heard that, his heart sank. Nothing as bad as that had ever happened to him. He just knew the pain the woman was going through and he knew that there was nothing to give her more than a warm hug at that moment.

The kind man hugged the heartbroken woman as if she was his own mother or grandma. Sometimes what people need is some emotional support, even coming from a neighbor that does not know you that well.