Deer shows up in the backyard and lets people pet him 

We have seen in the news or even in actual reality animals being in distress. It's just too bad to see those creatures suffering, where most of the suffering comes from humans. If you were thinking what do we have to do with the suffering of animals well, a lot apparently.

Hunters are harming more and more animals of the wild. Our pollution on the seas and land is choking and strangling thousands of animals per day. 

The worst part is that a big proportion of these animals in distress pass away due to our irresponsible actions. Just like these many suffering animals one deer was spotted in the backyard of a home. The home didn't have an actual living residence in it. It was in construction and being built. The people who were working and building the home spotted a strange animal that seemed to be stuck beside a tree. When they got closer they realized it was a little deer or differently called a buck. It looked as if the buck was in distress. 

The workers went near it to try to see what the problem was. It seems that the buck had been tied to a tree. No one had a clue who was responsible for this. To let the buck free and reduce his suffering they untied him and let him go. But the strangest thing happened. The deer did not head off out of fear like a normal wild animal usually would. 

He actually followed the workers and was rather friendly to them. The surprised workers started to pet him and spend some time with him as if he was a pet. This is something that rarely ever happens. A deer not being afraid of humans and acting as if they are its friend. The workers decided to call this loving hand-licking dear uncle Buck. 

The next day was followed by the local crew passing by the property to get an even more clear story out of what happened to the workers. As soon as they aired, the same deer appeared and acted as if everything was all right. The workers were frightened if the deer was going to get shot by some hunter or neighbors so they called animal control to take care of this loving deer. The deer was a later transported into a sanctuary where he was all safe and sound.