The Whole Restaurant Gets Together to help an 91-Year-Old Veteran

We as people can always do something good, even if in the situation you think that there’s nothing that you can do, look harder, and you will find something. That was the case when Lisa and her family sat down to dinner with her family. They went to eat at their favourite restaurant in Pennsylvania. And, not too long into their dinner, Lisa noticed something that broke her heart. An elderly man sat down on the table next to them to eat his dinner alone.


She didn’t know where he was from and what was his backstory. Why he was eating out alone, she noticed his wedding ring on his finger, and naturally, she thought where his wife might be at the moment. While she was thinking all of this, the server was already at his table, taking his order.

She overheard the old man saying that he is sorry because of his poor hearing and that he had lost it during his service in the army. She then noticed the server going down on his knees, making sure he could see the old man right into his eyes. He then asked the old man how old he was.

The old man answered that he was soon turning 92 years. After receiving his order, the server went to the kitchen to attend the order. And, Lisa decided that she was going to invite the old war veteran on their table. But she wasn’t the only one with that idea.


The server came out with the order and also decided to keep the old man company. He asked the veteran about his name, and he told him that his name was Dylan. They sat for a long time and talked throughout the break. After finishing their talk, the old veteran apologized for taking up the server’s whole break and told him that he doesn’t have a company anymore and that he doesn’t have anyone to talk to. But, he also mentioned that he was happy to spend some time together with someone who could listen to him.

Lisa was impatient. She waited for the old man to finish his dinner, and then she called him and decided to gift him a meal. But, Dylan told her that once again, someone else beat her with the idea. It looked as though every person in the restaurant was getting together to make Dylan’s day better.