Man Got Infected With Coronavirus From His 21 Year Old Son And Now He Is Fighting For His Life.

It’s beyond shocking raising a son just to have him infect you with Coronavirus when he grows up. Isn’t that sarcastic at all? Especially when you warn the little bastard (pun indented) not to go out but rather stay indoors and gather with friends because it is safer.

What kind of a selfish son would ever do that to his own father? Well, he is from Florida and he infected his entire family. Like, thank you for bringing us the plague son, here goes your college fund.

John Place is the unfortunate 42 years old who is suffering and fighting for his life while he’s been in the hospital for three weeks now. He is under intensive care at the Westside Regional Medical Center.

John’s wife, Michele explains how she had begged to their son to not go out and meet people and if he did so, to at least wear a mask.

She specifically asked him to be careful because of John’s health since he suffered already from diabetes and he was overweight.

We don’t know the name of the infamous son, but we do know that he assured his mother over and over that everything was ok and that he ‘had things under control.’

Well then in June, he decided to go out with his friends and party and drink, thus removing the mask completely.

It took just a few days for him to start developing cold-like symptoms and then he found out that one of his friends at the party had tested positive with COVID-19. It was already too late to do anything about it.

And that’s when things went South according to Michele because the whole family contracted the virus. This confirmed the worries of the government that young people would gather together to get the virus and then transmit it to older people back at home.

Michele explains how it doesn’t matter if you are asymptomatic or not. You are still a potential carrier of the virus and you can still very well infect someone else.

She also explained how irresponsible can young people be when they go out and how easily they can infect someone else back home. That’s all it took for her husband to be in a position where he is fighting for his life.

You may donate at this GoFundMe to help John with his hospital bills.