Boyfriend show the ultimate support when shaving his girlfriend’s hair, he shaves his own too

Every one of us has a different hairstyle. Some people don’t really care how their hair looks, but to someone, their hair is the centrepiece of their look. To them, their hair represents a part of who they are, and they always want it to look the best. Many people even are known for their hair or hairstyle, and changing it or having it cut can change their whole look.

But not everyone can grow out or style their hair as they like. Some even go bald at a certain age. And then there are people who have an autoimmune disease named alopecia. People who suffer from this condition causes their hair to fall out. Some experience patches falling out, and some experience complete hair loss.

The video you are about to see shows how much this boyfriend cares and supports his girlfriend, who has this condition.

One user on Tik Tok called Eva Barilaro, made a video where she asked her boyfriend to shave off her hair. For too long, she was trying to grow back the hair she lost, but it wasn’t working.

As the video goes on, you can see that Eva is wiping away tears as her boyfriend shaves her head.

At one point, when her boyfriend is done shaving her head, he gets the hair clippers and starts to shave his own head. Then Eva starts crying.

The video made us cry, and it will make you cry as well.

Since the video was posted on her Tik Tok, it has gotten more than 200,000 likes, and with each day going by, it gets more and more.

To all the ladies out there, get yourself a man like Eva’s boyfriend.