A woman was rightfully told off for judging a biker

One day, Luc Perreault went out to drive test the motorbike that his mom bought for herself. He wanted to see if she got the right thing and if she was going to experience any challenges with the bike. While he was on the road, he stopped at a coffee shop. When he got off the bike, a little girl waved at him from a distance, but what happened at that point was something unexpected.

First of all, let us tell you about Luc. He isn't your everyday guy, he is big, has a lot of tattoos, loves riding his motorcycle, and going out with his friends for a beer.

Luc is still a big mama's boy. He still has a lot of insecurities, but he knows that everything is alright because everyone has their troubles once in a while. He never judges anyone and knows when to be passionate.

But not everyone is like Luc, and he was caught in a situation where he had to speak up.

When they see Luc, most people are a bit afraid and wouldn't want to mess with him. But when he got into the coffee shop, a little girl did the opposite of being scared and slowly approached Luc and said hi to him. He was a bit surprised, but he displayed a big smile on his face and said hi back.

When parents see their kids being friendly with someone else, they feel proud that their children are showing some kind of affection.

When the girl's mother saw that she was talking to Luc, she quickly went over to her and pulled her back. As they walked away, the mother was a little bit too loud, and Luc heard her say that the little girl wasn't allowed to speak with ‘dirty bikers.'

Luc was confused and heartbroken at the same time. Why would her mother be so close-minded and judge people on their appearance? Luc always makes an effort to not judge the book by its cover, but not every person on this earth thinks like him.

Luc went back home and wanted to post his experience at the coffee shop on social media. He wrote a post saying that he knows he is big and likes riding motorcycles and being loud all the time. He does have a beer occasionally and swears a little bit.

He continued to say that what people don't know about him is that he has been married for more than 10 years and that he has graduated college. He also said that his mother is super proud of him and talks highly to everyone about him. One time when his daughter broke her arm, he says that he cried more than she did. He always tries to help people out and want the best for everyone.

He mentioned the family that he came across in the coffee shop. He added that next time he saw them and their little girl started to talk to him, don't pull her back and say not to talk to ‘dirty bikers.' Because this ‘dirty biker' will be the first to rush into a burning building to save your kid's goldfish so they won't be sad.


Everyone that was friends with Luc on social media shared his post, and in an instant, his post went viral. Since he posted the message, more than 4000 people shared his post. Although it has been more than 7 years since Luc posted the viral message, people today are still sharing his message. That shows you that people still today are judging others on their appearance, and Luc's message is still relevant today.