Some People Like Crocheting Small Couches For Their Cats Instead Of Watching Netflix.

My sister in law likes crocheting and I have seen her do some really amazing things. From crocheting normal clothes to an Adidas costume for babies, she is really passionate about what she does. She has her own crocheting Instagram page and she takes orders from people where she sells them some of her works. But business apart, crocheting is a very awesome and creative hobby that allows you to create all kinds of things. People have been using it for centuries to make clothes and now some people are using it to make couches for their cats.

You read that right. During this pandemic lockdown, most of the people are at home watching Netflix and doing a marathon from one series to the other, but other people prefer to crochet instead. This trend of crocheting couches for their cats first came up on Reddit and now people are sharing tens of photos of their kitties laying down their little couches either taking a nap or posing for the photo. The results are absolutely amazing and the response of people on social media has been absolutely amazing. 

It is very nice to have something like that to do during the day. No internet nor any electronic devices near you, just some yarn and your own creative powers, and the result can be truly breathtaking. I really think that people should pay more attention to the crocheting community instead of the big clothing names of the industry. After all crocheting clothes last longer, are warmer and of higher quality, since they are carefully handmade. Anyway, take a look at some more photos of cats sitting down on couches made out of crocheting and share your opinion.













source- Mykittyhobby