10 Things That Only Narcissist People Do

Have you ever encountered someone who has a huge ego, and who always think they’re right? If so, then congrats, you have been in the acquaintance of a narcissist. Yes, narcissist, are these people who are in love with themselves, (not in a healthy way), and who will tear other people down just to build their up their image. 

Everyone is a narcissist when it comes to at least one thing in their life. But there is a difference between someone who has one principle and someone who lives the lifestyle of a narcissist. Why is it important to know how narcissist people act and why should you set certain boundaries with them?

Narcissist people can be very toxic and they can reach a point where they will drain you just so they can feel good about themselves. That’s why you should be able to recognize certain patterns in them.

Define Narcissist

We have already said that everyone might be a ‘narcissist’ for a thing or two in their life. You must understand that there is a huge difference between having a principle or general rule of doing something and doing everything that way.

Clinical cases of narcissism require professional therapy in order to be healed. Narcissism can cause personality disorder and bring all the toxic things in the relationships that the person has with other people. That is why it is important that someone joins therapy, if they do the things below or if you’re at close ties with someone who does the things below.

Narcissists Are Emotionally Dangerous

One of the major problems in a narcissist’s behavior is the feeling of entitlement. If you are friends with one, you will notice that they are constantly seeking something, whether it is approved even if they’re wrong, or whatever the case, they are constantly in demand of things. 

They will go out of their way to try to drain other people just so they can feel better and have a sense of pride.

Things Only Narcissist People Do

Acting Entitled

Normal people function with a give and take relationship. They usually share things such as expenses while out for dinner, but also emotions and responsibilities. Narcissists on the other hand feel as though they are allowed to only take from someone, without ever giving something back.

In fact, if you ask them to pay half of the dinner or give you more respect in case of an argument, they will get more offended. They expect you to adapt to them and if there is a way for you to do something, then they feel it’s your obligation to do it.

Double Personalities

One time a narcissist can be all loving and supportive and the next they can be cold and dark. This happens due to their split personality. Think of any close person to you, with whom you feel like you have to be very, very, very careful while interacting. If there is someone in your life that makes you feel like you have to walk on eggshells, then you might be in an unhealthy relationship with a narcissist.

You never know with which version of that person you are talking to and it is impossible to adapt at all times.

Lack of Empathy

Narcissists have no problem getting people out of their life in no time. They value everything in the terms of self-interest and of they are not ‘profiting’ out of a relationship, then they might as well cut ties with that person. 

At first, they will befriend you and make you open up, (while showing very little of themselves), and when they are bored or if they find someone ‘better’, they will make you feel bad about yourself right before they ‘dump’ you.

Extra Pride

It is all about them. They are the star, the center of attention and if it happens that you are better than them at something, they will avoid that conversation topic at all costs. Narcissists hate to hear about other people being better and they will go as far as to tear others down for no reason but to feel good.

No Responsibility

For narcissists, it is never their fault. In their mind, there is always an excuse why something happens and they will deflect fault every time people call them out on something they did wrong.

No Apologies

A chronic narcissist will apologize in a way to make you feel like it was still your fault. If this is one of your friends then you might want to reconsider spending time with them.


They will rarely be successful people because it takes a lot of mistakes to reach winning. They always want to win, so they will stick to what they are used to and never leave the comfort zone to risk making mistakes.

Anxiety Issues

Their self-expectations are really high, so every time they are living below their means, they will feel anxious and have panic attacks. They will also affect others around them with their perfection, obsessive anxiety behavior.

Not Respect Boundaries

Boundaries are invisible lines that show respect if not crossed, but a narcissist doesn’t recognize them as such. They will judge people for having boundaries and will do their best to break them every time.

Inside Shame

This usually comes from their very childhood. Maybe an event triggered them into swearing to never feel that shame again, and they are committed to hide from it every time, while secretly carrying in on the inside.

The Best Cure for Narcissists

Therapy is one of the best ways for one to heal from narcissism. Only a trained professional can achieve to change their behavior and core beliefs. 

If a narcissist is also suffering from anxiety, then medication is also recommended to help them cope with it.

Handling a Narcissist

It is nobody’s job to try and fix a narcissist besides the trained professionals. In case you are dealing with a narcissist at the moment, then you should do whatever is in your power to distance yourself from them and start working on you.

Remember that they have their life and you have yours and the only way to be truly happy is to be with someone who really appreciates you and feeds you positivity.