Jennifer Aniston post a photo that got fans talking

We all know and love Jennifer Aniston. However, recently she posted a photo on her social media that got the public and the media talking a lot.

Continue reading the article to see the photo we are talking about and read some of the comments that her fans posted.

The American Sweetheart made the news lately.

Her most recent post on Instagram got fans scared and shocked at the same time.

Since she broke out into the scene, everyone fell in love with Aniston.

Jen was born on the 11th of February 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California. Aniston's father, John Aniston, was a soap opera star, and her mother, Nancy Dow, was an actress. Form a young age, Jennifer stared in some stage productions.

She mostly spent time with her mother when she was a child.

She was only 9-years-old when her parents divorced. And while Jen's father was working on the soap opera ‘Days of our Lives,' Jennifer was always with her mother.

Her first minor role in a movie was back in 1987, staring in ‘Mac and Me.'

She grew up in Los Angeles, so she knew the whole celebrity lifestyle.

In her early day as an actress, Aniston only managed to get minor roles in Hollywood.

She always knew that someday she was going to star in movies.

She came from a family where acting was the primary profession.

Because her mother and father were actors, from the first day of high school, they encouraged her to get into drama. And having parents like that, you know that it was a matter of time when you will get your first role.

Back then, Jen wasn't known, and her minor roles in movies didn't boost her popularity. Then came the part that we all know Jennifer Aniston from.

When Aniston appeared in the sitcom ‘Friends,' she instantly started being recognized and loved by all. She played Rachel Green, which even made people love Jen more, because of the character she played.

It was the perfect role for her.

While the show was still going on for her role, Aniston was awarded a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award. From the first time people started watching the show, Aniston instantly became a fan favorite.

Not only did Aniston become a household name, but her character became one as well.

She embodied the role so perfectly that many people often called her Rachel instead of Jennifer.

All things have to come to an end.

After 10 seasons, in 2004, friends aired its last episode, and fans had to bid farewell to their favorite sitcom.

Over the years, and while being on the sitcom, Aniston has appeared in numerous movies.

Movies like ‘Along came Polly', ‘Rumor has it,' ‘Marley & Me,' Aniston only made herself more likeable to the public and media.

Those comedies and rom-com became a sort of staple to Jen's career, and those were the genres that she was known for.

Watching a rom-com without her feels like something is missing.

After ‘Friends' ended, Aniston was able to get significant roles in some blockbuster movies.

From staring in movies like ‘The good girl' to staring in huge blockbuster movies like ‘Bruce Almighty,' we can see that her career only went upwards.

She recently even went away from rom-coms and started appearing in some more serious movies.

Her latest role is in the TV drama called ‘The morning show,' in which she stars alongside two other A-list actors in Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon.

She was so good in the show that she even was awarded a SAG award for it.

In the drama, she portrayed Alex Levy, who was a pretty popular news anchor. Her performance in the show impressed her fans and the critics as well.

With all her big movie roles, Aniston seems like she managed to let people know that ‘Friends' was a long time ago, and she can play other characters.

It is safe to say that Aniston made the most of her career, and starting in such big movies, she managed to move on from her days as Rachel Green. But it is for sure that people will always know Aniston and refer to her as Rachel Green.

From TV series to movies, over the years, Aniston has created an enormous fan base.

She proved this last year when it was reported that she created an Instagram account. Until this day, no other person has managed to reach 1 million followers on the application as fast as Aniston did.

For a short period of time, the app was even crashed, due to fans flocking the app to follow Jen.

Her fans loved her posts, and it was pretty exciting when she posted something new.

But recently she got on the wrong side of some of her fans with her posts.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Aniston posted a photo of herself with a mask on and wanted to give her fans some advice.

Some of the people that follow Aniston had something to say about it.

Some people even called Aniston a puppet, and that all the things she said were false.

People started writing comments saying that wearing a mask was pointless and that they rather breathe normally.

Breathing normally is fine, but when some get the virus by not wearing a mask, you won't have that luxury.

But just 2 days ago, she posted another photo that left followers even more shocked than the previous post.

Aniston wanted her followers to see what were the consequences of not wearing your mask when you go out.

She captioned the photo like this.

On the photo, there is a man which Aniston refers to him as her friend Kevin. She says that he is perfectly healthy and that he didn't have a harsh medical history.

She says that no one is entirely safe from the virus and that the one basic thing we can all do to stop it from spreading is to wear a mask.

She continued to say that so many people have suffered and that we must take measures to protect our families and ourselves. She also told her fans that the photo was taken a few months ago, and her friend Kevin approved the posting of the picture.

Keep reading to see the photo she posted.

Many people had Aniston's back and supported her for posting the photo.

A lot of Aniston's celebrity friends wrote comments applauding her for raising awareness.

We all know that the post was made with good intentions, yet some people had something else to say.

People started commenting on things like the time she posted the photo. People asked why did she wait so long to post the picture and raise awareness months ago.

A lot of people wanted to shame Aniston rather than take the advice she gave them.

One user even commented that many of her friends wore a mask and still got the virus, so what was the point of masks in the first place.

And then some people wanted to implement politics.

Another user commented that she was taking photos with her friends, and she wasn't distancing.

The user referred to a picture that Aniston posted on her Instagram story write after she posted the photo of her friend Kevin.

This is the photo that got people debating whether wearing a mask keeps you safe.


At the end of the day, we are happy to hear the good news that her friend Kevin is almost fully recovered for the virus.

It takes courage to post something like that and later deal with all the hate that she got.

Aniston's ex-husband, Brad Pitt, is following in her footsteps.


The thing he has done is quite generous.

But first, let's talk a bit about Aniston and Pitt.

Aniston and Pitt first were introduced to each other by their agents back in 1998.

At the time that they met, Aniston was still filming ‘Friends' and was about to finish filming the movie ‘The object of my affection.' Pitt was just about to finish filming the movies ‘Meet Joe Black' and had just got the part to star in the film ‘Fight Club.'

In the beginning, they wanted to keep their relationship private. They just wanted to not be in the public and media eye just yet.

The first time that they were seen together was on the red carpet at the 1999 Emmy Awards.

Half a year didn't pass, and on one Sting concert, the couple came on the stage, and Aniston started to wave her engagement ring towards the crowd.

They were the most popular couple in the 90s.

We couldn't find any videos of the couple going on stage with Sting. We want to think that people who went to concerts weren't filming everything and enjoyed the music.

The wedding was in May 2000, in Malibu.

The whole ceremony cost close to 1 million dollars, and about 75 thousand dollars went to security. Every guest that was invited had to sign a confidentiality agreement. The newlyweds wanted complete privacy.

Because they were so secret and private, to this day, we don't know much about their relationship and their marriage.

In an interview back in 2001, Aniston said that everything was going fine after a year of being married.

In that interview, she also mentioned their 15-million-dollar property and how they liked the same music.

For the entirety of the interview, you can tell that Aniston is very much in love with Pitt.

A few years later, the perfect marriage, as some people had described it, started to show some cracks.

Aniston did another interview where the host asked her if Pitt was the love of her life. Aniston didn't give the answer that everyone was thinking of.

People started thinking that things weren't going well between them.

Now, here comes the part where the whole relationship and marriage of Pitt and Aniston goes downhill.

It all starts with the filming of the movie Pitt starred in ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith'.

Back in May 2004, Pit gets the role in the movie, and he plays a spy alongside actress Angelina Jolie. During the shooting of the film, Pitt and Jolie spark a great partnership and get along great.

At that time, the media wouldn't stop coming up with rumors of how much Pitt and Jolie were spending time with each other.

It all came to an end in January 2015, when Pitt and Aniston told the public that they were splitting up.

They issued a statement saying that they were going to remain friends.

Not a lot of time passed, and Pitt and Jolie announced that they were together.

Over the time that they were together, Jolie and Pitt had 6 children together, 3 of whom were adopted.

The relationship between Pitt and Aniston wasn't friendly at all, like they mentioned in their statement.

Aniston came out and had some things to say about Pitt and Jolie's relationship.

We think that she had the right to come out and say some things because Jolie did the same thing during the filming of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith.' She came out and talked about the great chemistry they have and how they complement each other all the time.

Aniston had something to say about Jolie's comments of working closely together with Pitt.

She mentioned that it was inappropriate for Jolie to come out and talk to the media like that.

The relationship just wasn't meant to be.

Pitt and Jolie didn't last forever as well, they split up back in 2016.

The divorce is still going on to this day.

Going through some tough times, it doesn't seem all that back between Pitt and Aniston.

During this hard time right now, Pitt and Aniston are reportedly friends again.

Some people even say that they are more than friends.

A few months ago, the SAG Awards were held.

Pictures started to pop-up on the internet of Pitt and Aniston backstage, talking and laughing together.

The smiles on their faces while talking to each other got fans excited.

There is a picture where Aniston is walking away, and Pitt is pulling her by the hand back to hang out some more.

This is not the end of it.

Another picture was posted. You can see Pitt watching Aniston acceptance speech for receiving the SAG award for best female actress in a drama series.

It all pointed towards the rumors that they could get back together.

Aniston has been reported saying that they are just friends, their fans think otherwise.

It may be true because they are seeing each other quite often.

Pitt recently made a donation to match the donation of Aniston.

With the whole case of George Floyd, Aniston has come out and said that she will donate 1 million dollars to the organization called Color of Change.

The Color of Change organization works hard for equal justice for black people. They lead campaigns that challenge injustice and try to find solutions for racial justice.

Aniston has seen the injustice that is going on in America.

It has been reported that she picked the organization that she felt needed it the most and the one that can make a change in the country.  Aniston has also shared the charity organization, so her fans can also go and donate as much as they can.

Pitt obviously has agreed with the things that Aniston is doing.

Pitt also has come out and has said that he too will donate 1 million dollars to the same organization.

He clearly was inspired by Aniston.

It has been reported that Pitt got involved with the organization due to Aniston, and he will donate a considerable sum as well.

The money that will be going to the organization can make a huge difference.

We all like to thank Pitt and Aniston for their generous donation.

The main goal is to spread awareness and make people think more and fully understand the whole situation that the country is in now.