These Tiny Birds Living In Japan Are Extremely Cute! 

Why is it so that we love the small little creatures? They are so cute and adorable. Starting here from babies to animals the size makes them impressive.

Today, we are going to speak of a lovable tiny bird living in Japanese Island that is simply too cute because of his size.

On the island of Hokkaido, Japan is home to many cute animals. Among them, we have a little bird called the Long-Tailed Tit that looks literally like a cotton ball!

When we speak of long-tailed birds, they can be found all around Asia and Europe, but more often they are considered regular residents of the area from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

They don’t like hanging out alone! You will rather find them in groups of 20 or 30 birds, singing their “tse-tse-tse” tunes. Other than singing they are zestful acrobats as well. You may see them hanging head down on trees while searching for food.

As per their favorite food, they prefer eating insects and caterpillars, but they wouldn’t refuse if you have peanut feeders hanging on your garden or some berries around.

What is special about them? Let’s say that they do not only look cute but are kind to each other too. When it comes time to build the nestle, both male and female collaborate with each other. Regarding the nestle, it might take around three weeks to finish it and it is important for them to begin building it at the right time. If they do it when spring hasn’t left yet magpies and jays will intrude it for eggs.

You still are in doubt of their kindness? If so, let us add that when the winter starts they mingle with other types of birds.

In addition, when some of the birds have failed to breed they help other new parents to gather food for the youngsters. (I told you these guys are not only cute in appearance.)

Unfortunately, they can’t resist the cold weather. As a result, low temperatures kill many of them. If it wasn’t for their large brood sizes they would have found it difficult to maintain their kind.

An adult bird can grow around 13 to 15 cm (or 5-6 inches). This is including his tail, which is almost one half of its length.

Contrary to the long-tailed birds found around Europe which are characterized by brown or gray “eyebrows” and slightly more brown feathers, those living in the area of Hokkaido have neat white faces.

Is this, what gives them the impression of cotton balls.

Their name in Japanese is Shima enaga bird which translates to “long-tailed island”, which couldn’t be a better definition of them.

When we say that they’re cute we are not only expressing our personal opinion but that of many other Japanese people too. It is not to be surprised they are very popular in their culture. You can find desserts and other knacks themed after them!

(Although too cute to be eaten!)