Signs that a lost loved one is close and wants you to know that they are there

When we lose a loved one, it hits us hard. Emotionally we feel weak, and at first, we have a lot of unanswered questions. As time goes by, we are trying to find comfort, and we all find comfort in something different. One way that people find comfort is knowing that their loved one is up above in Heaven. Not only are they watching us from above, but they can also sometimes send us signs that they are still around us.

At random moments you can feel their energy around you, and this can happen to anybody. It is common for people to experience moments where they think a loved one is sending them signs, which is how they communicate with them.

You have to be aware at all times because you can miss it if you spend a second, not paying attention. You have to know your surroundings because these signs can come at any time, when you are on your way to work during the day or when you are fast asleep and dreaming at night.
Now we will show you a list of 6 things you need to look out for that may be your loved one sending you signs that they are around.

1. Sensing their presence

When the air around you gets a little bit cold, and chilli and this drop in temperature around you can mean that a loved one is close by.

2. Light bulbs in your home start to flicker

People have said before that a sign from a loved one can be the lights in your home start flickering or some other electronic devices start to act up.

Other electronic devices start making noise or act out of the ordinary, that means someone you loved that has passed away is nearby and wants you to know they are there with you.

3. Dreaming about them

Although we don’t fully understand dreams, it is believed that when you see a loved one in a dream, that means that they are there to guide you, give you advice, and, most importantly, comfort you.

4. A distinct smell

It is said that spirits like to recreate familiar smells to get our attention. It has been noted that some people will suddenly get a whiff of their deceased loved one, which can mean that they are close to them.

5. Random coins lying around

People believe that when you stumble upon loose change, it is not by accident. They believe that spirits of loved ones place coins in weird spots, knowing that you will eventually find it.

6. Sometimes you just know

We don’ know how to adequately describe this feeling. Sometimes you just know that the spirit of a loved one is near you and wants to guide you. When people experience this feeling they don’t need to be scared, they just need to welcome the experience and feel reassured that a loved one is next to you.

These are just some of the signs that people need to be aware of. Watch the video below for some more signs that can happen to you.