Landlord decides to cancel April rent for 200 tenants 

We are stuck in a situation where most are chained completely. Millions of people around the world are left without a job. This has led numerous families all over suffer because of the fact that they are running out of money. 

Many families have left no chance but to ask other people online to help them. There was a video posted on social media of a single mom with her three children a few days ago. The video was heartbreaking as the mother was asking someone to help her children with food due to the family not being able to afford it.

If you would have looked at the house you could see that her house was partly furnished and small. Their living conditions just make us all realize that in these hard days we need to help each other out. The hardest thing people are stressing out over is paying the monthly rent. 

Money is running out so the main thing people tend to buy is food, and they are left with the stress of not paying the rent. Not paying rent brings stress to the whole family. It is like a responsibility that crushes you. 

That is why Mario Salerno is trying to help out his 200 tenants this month of April by not asking for their rent. He decided to do this as he heard a couple of stories of some of his tenants that were suffering from the financial side. 

One of them was a hair salon owner. Because her salon was closed due to the city lockdown, she was left with no income, therefore, depending on her small savings. Another one of Mario’s tenants was a 28 year old man. He used to work for a small business, but due to the business shutting down he was left unemployed. This situation made it hard for him to be able to afford both living expenses and rent. 

Mario wanted the well-being of his tenants so he placed a note of the door of the houses he owned that informed tenants that they did not need to pay the rent of April and that everyone needs to stay safe. 

This Brooklyn landlord has set a good example for man landlords out there. People are suffering financially and the least landlords could do is ease their suffering by skipping a monthly payment of rent. 

We are going through a rough time and we all need to be there for each other mentally and at the same time stay away from each other physically.