30+ photos taken in Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest stores where you can find basically anything, and it’s a great place to shop if you want to get something for a lower price. One of the best things that makes Walmart what it is today is the costumers that shop there.

In the past, some interesting things have happened in Walmart, and we today are about to show you some of the best. Next, you will see some photos that summarize Walmart and some of the interesting people that shop there.

Matching outfits.

This girl had to make a quick stop at Walmart before heading to the club.


You can say that this is a conga line.

‘Nana slicer’ is probably a device made for slicing bananas, but this granny doesn’t think so.

Casually walking her pet duck.

Let me test this Xbox.

A quick nap.

Another woman fell asleep in the cart.

That isn’t meat for two.

A giraffe riding a horse in the parking lot, wow!

Those are some long nails, lady.

A bit too much, cowboy.

This man sure loves donuts and pizza.

Not a safe place to stand there, buddy.

This baby’s first time in Walmart wasn’t pleasant.

Santa buying his presents.

That is one weird outfit.

Someone tell this man heels are not his thing.

That isn’t an outfit to go out in.

Pull down your shirt, sir.

Those are some long dreadlocks.

Not the superman we hoped for.

Sir, that dog is awesome.

This little girl is ready for WWE.

A trip to the barber is needed.

Quick selfie in Walmart.

Pink hair, don’t care.

Someone has a gorilla at home if they are buying this much bananas.

Mam, can you please pick up your baby from the floor.

Need a new hairstyle idea, go to Walmart.

Why would you open an umbrella inside?

Wow, grandpa, that is one cool haircut.

Just a regular day in Walmart.

You can even get married at Walmart.

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