30+ interesting photos that were taken just at the right time

Today you can manipulate, edit, and give a little touch to photos pretty easily. But for us, the most interesting photos that you can find and see on the internet are the ones where people captured them at the right moment.

You can find millions of photos online where people have been in the right place at the right time. These can also be ones where the angle is just perfect to make a one-of-a-kind photo. Because we love them so much, we decided to share some of the funniest and some of the most amazing photos of this kind.

1. Butterfly eyes

2. Copy, paste?

3. Statue of Liberty or He-Man?

4. A human body with a horse head

5. This little kid looks like he has a jellyfish on his head

6. Since when did dogs learn how to fish?

7. Quite the similar eye

8. The calm before the storm

9. Which one do you think is the tattoo?

10. It is a fake dog get away from it

11. That bus ad seems quite convenient

12. Tiny hat

13. Well, that is lunch for today

14. This dog is about to get a call from Professor X

15. What do you have under there?

16. A shark breaking the surface

17. Is this how you do it?

18. Oops, sorry sir

19. If this ain't love, I don’t know what is

20. He will know not to stand so close next time

21. I think the universe is trying to tell them something

22. A dog walking on water

23. That had to hurt

24. Is that the same cat?

25. Incoming!

26. Bubble burst

27. Someone had to ruin a perfect photo

28. What did that guy had for lunch?

29. That lady is about to get wet

30. Colorful new eye

31. Perfect photo, taken just before the impact

32. That boy sure can rock a ponytail

33. Oh, sorry didn’t see you there

34. That is where children come from

35. Where is her head?