Why Are Hugs one of the best form of Communication

We all love a good hug. It is known that hugs can express so many emotions like love, fear, joy, sadness, and happiness. A hug should genuinely represent your feeling to the other person and show them how much you care for them. A famous American author and therapist from the 20th century named Virginia Satir, has said that we all need at least 24 hugs a day. 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs for maintaining, and 12 hugs for each of us to grow.

With this, Satir wanted to say that hugs are essential for our health, and now even science has come into the mix, and it shows that hugs are truly a healthy thing to do every day.

A good firm hug can strengthen the immune system, that pressure that a hug gives activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, which later stimulates the thymus gland. When the thymus gland is stimulated in a way, it balances the production of white blood cells. 

Also, when someone is sad and feeling down, a hug can make them feel better. It soothes the person and gives them the strength to move forward and not stay in that place of emotional pain.

A study back in 2013, showed that hugs also reduce cortisol levels, which make you feel less stressed. They gathered participants, and one couple had to talk on their mobile phones. The other couple was placed in a life-size huggable humanoid device. Both couples were told to talk to each other. After about 15 minutes, the results showed that the couple that was talking on the phone had larger stress levels than the other couple. What this shows is that your mood is different when you are embracing someone, and you feel closer to them.

Another excellent example of why hugs are essential is that they relax your muscles. With a soothing hug, circulation is improved, making some aches and pain go away.

Another study was done in 2014 that showed hugs lower the risk of illnesses. This study involved more than 400 participants, and by the time the study was finished, it showed that hugs and some social interactions lower stress immensely. Because stress levels are low, the immune system is healthy.

Back in 2013, the Association for Psychological Science published a study that showed hugs reduce fear and lower anxiety. People with low-self, with just a simple touch, can be relaxed and feel safer.

When you are hugging more quantities of oxytocin are released, the hormone people may now as the “love hormone.” With the release of oxytocin are mood changes, and we feel happier and more euphoric. 

When a hug is given or received, a small change in skin conductance is shown. That means that the state of the nervous system is balanced.

Even if you haven’t known these things about hugs, you should enjoy hugs. They are the way to show people that you care about them, to express some emotions without saying a word.