Guy Is Happier Without His Job And Traveling With His Cat.

Who said money is everything? That guy must have been as miserable as hell. Happiness is everything. Unconditional love is everything. Doing what puts a smile on your face and makes you feel free is everything. If the road to success is lonely and filled with 16 hours of hard work everyday for five years (mixed with mental breakdowns and sorrow), just so you can retire as a millionaire at 28, then I don’t want to be successful. I want to be able to do what I love and do it to the fullest.

I love traveling, and I love writing, so why not do both of these things? Well, for the moment we are in lockdown from the novel COVID-19 and God knows when the airlines and borders are going to reopen again. So since then, I am stuck in my hometown, dreaming and speaking of traveling every day. I wish I could just pack up my stuff, book a plane ticket to a foreign country, and just move there. It takes courage to do that but there are people out there like me who are not afraid to take this step.

Rich East was living in Tasmania until two years ago. He was doing a regular job which he didn’t love doing until he decided enough is enough. He just woke up one morning, quit his job, sold everything he had, bought a camper van, and decided to hit the road with his cat Willow. Ever since then, both Willow and Rich have traveled for more than 50,000 kilometers across Australia and they have had the chance of seeing some beautiful sights. They have visited 6 states and have camped in the mountains. Willow is one lucky cat for having such an owner.

Most people think that it takes money to travel. Well, it doesn’t. If you love traveling as much as I do, then you can simply pack up, quit your job, and do it. Fortune is going to take care of the rest. It’s scary but at the same time majestic when you consider all the things that are out there to explore. All the new cultures that you can learn from and all the food that you can taste. When you look at it from this perspective, traveling becomes a must, and wanderlust starts hitting you like a fine high on the clear night sky.